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Podyjí National Park

Award date: 21.06.00
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Podyjí National Park

Exceptional undisturbed river valley with adjacent complexes of more or less natural woodland and small areas of unique non-wooded communities, lying at the contact of two biogeographic regions. The territory is unique, above all, in geomorphological arrangement and considerable species diversity of higher plants and invertebrates.

The Dyje river valley in the National Park is an unusually well preserved example of the river valley phenomenon with all natural components, unparalleled in central Europe at present. The territory is the representative of similar landscape types in the European context. The Podyji National Park secures the territorial conservation of only a half of the river valley system. The other half lies in Austria and, thus, the necessary co-ordination of nature conservation strengthens the aspect of European co-operation.

The considerable variety of natural communities and their high species diversity make it possible to utilise this territory as a model for a number of research project in nature conservation and management in other protected regions of Europe.


For information:

Visitors Center of the Administration of the Podyji National Park
Cizov 176
CZ-671 02 Sumna
The Czech Republic

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