Emerald Network biogeographical Seminar on bird species for Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia

Budapest, Hungary 29-30 October 2019
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Photo credit: Otars Opermanis

Photo credit: Otars Opermanis

An Emerald Network biogeographical evaluation Seminar for bird species involving Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia took place on 29-30 October 2019 in the European Youth Centre in Budapest, Hungary. The meeting convened national delegations from those countries, independent scientific experts and evaluators, as well as representatives of the European Environment Agency and Council of Europe.

The Seminar focused on bird species listed in Resolution No. 6 (1998) of the Bern Convention. The aim of the meeting was to assess the sufficiency of representation of bird species in the lists of Emerald Network sites in the above-mentioned Contracting Parties so as to ensure their long-term survival.

For further information, please consult the draft agenda and working documents on the webpage of the meeting.

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