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Bieszczady National Park

Award date: 18.09.98
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Bieszczady National Park

Bieszczady National Park was established in 1973. It covers 290.2 km² of the easternmost part of the Carpathian range in Poland. The elevation area ranges between 650 and 1,346 m above sea level. There are three floors of vegetation depending on the elevation: foothills reaching up to about 500 m a.s.l., lower mountain zone  reaching up to about 1,150 m a.s.l., and the alpine meadow (so called “połoniny”), with subalpine and alpine plant associations, extending from the upper tree line to the highest peaks. 

Among the forests of the lower mountain zone, the Carpathian beech forest occupies the largest area. The shady and steep slopes are overgrown with sycamore. Carpathian alder forest occurs along the streams, and in the non-flowing areas, the alder marsh woodlands. The alpine meadows used to be exploited for grazing before 1945. The most interesting nature attractions of the region are undoubtedly the meadows, which, like the islands, emerge from the forests of primeval nature. They represent a small percentage of the surface area of the Park, but create picturesque scenery, and the most valuable species of high-mountain fauna and flora of the eastern Carpathians are located here. 


For information:

The Bieszczady Mountain National Park Administration Centre
Ustrzyki Gorne 19
38-714 Ustrzyki Gorne

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