Online Training on Countering Online Child Sexual Abuse

Ankara 23-25 February 2021
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Online Training on Countering Online Child Sexual Abuse

Webinars, online meetings, remote working models, online friendships and online networking. Everything is just a click away now. While we strive to adapt ourselves to the new era of digitalisation, our children are born into it with pure innocence and vulnerability.

So, the question is whether we are well prepared to protect children against a wide range of online threats including but not limited to grooming, sexual extortion or any other type of online abuse facilitated by information and communication technologies.

It is more important than ever now to enhance the knowledge, skills and capacities for effective and successful investigation, prosecution and conviction of online child sexual exploitation and abuse as well as the capacity of legal professionals to apply European human rights standards in the field of criminal justice. To achieve that objective, we have organised an online training course on Countering Online Child Sexual Exploitation and Abuse jointly with the regional project End Online Child Sexual Exploitation and Abuse @ Europe ([email protected]) and the iPROCEEDS-2 project, on 23-25 February 2021.

The training targeted candidate judges and prosecutors in Turkey with the aim of increasing their knowledge and awareness of national and international legislation and reactive measures that are used in investigations of online child sexual exploitation and abuse.

Attracting more than 190 participants, the training provided for exchange of information and opinions between candidate judges and prosecutors, national and international experts in the field as well as representatives of the Turkish Ministry of Justice and Turkish Justice Academy.

Please check the meeting agenda for further details.

This online training was organized in collaboration between Joint EU/CoE iPROCEEDS-2 project, [email protected] and the EU/CoE Joint Project “Strengthening the Criminal Justice System and the Capacity of Justice Professionals on Prevention of the European Convention on Human Rights Violations in Turkey”

The Council of Europe gratefully acknowledges the financial support provided for the [email protected] project by the End Violence Fund.