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Council of Europe standards
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Tools for implementation of the Council of Europe instruments on extradition
Note for pratictioners on criteria to assess whether a judgment in absentia and additional guarantees satisfy the rights of defence (in connection with Article 3 of the Second Additional Protocol to the European Convention on Extradition) PC-OC Mod (2014) 02 Rev
"INTERPOL e-extradition" presentation made by Mr Jol Sollier, Director of the Office of Legal Affairs, INTERPOL  
Compilation of replies to the questionnaire on the reference moment to be applied when considering double criminality as regards extradition requests


Questionnaire concerning judgments in absentia and the possibility of retrial: Summary and Compilation of Replies PC-OC (2013) 01 rev.3
Guidelines on practical measures to improve co-operation in respect of transfer of proceedings, including a model request form PC-OC INF 78
Note on the relationship between extradition and deportation/ expulsion
(disguised extradition)
PC-OC (2012) 08 Rev2
Note on dual criminality, in concreto or in abstracto PC-OC (2012) 02 Final
Consolidated document reflecting the applicable provisions of the European Convention on Extradition and the first three additional protocols thereto
Prepared by Mr Miroslav Kubček (Czech Republic)
PC-OC (2011) 07 Rev2
Information document based on a questionnaire of the PC-OC on the relationship between asylum procedures and extradition procedures PC-OC / INF 76
Explanatory notes on the Convention PC-OC Inf 21
A guide to national procedures on extradition PC-OC Inf 4
Provisional arrest pending extradition time limits in member States PC-OC Inf 71
National requirements with respect of languages in requests PC-OC Inf 7 Bil
List of bilateral treaties of member States PC-OC Inf 8 Bil
Arrest in the context of extradition, human rights and other requirements PC-OC Inf 22
Provisional arrest: comments by INTERPOL PC-OC (2000)11
Provisional arrest reservations and declarations by member States PC-OC (2000)16
Trial in absentia - note PC-OC (1998) 7