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Group of Specialists on Nationality (CJ-S-NAT)

With a view to providing follow-up to the Action Plan of the European Committee on Legal Co-operation (CDCJ) for 2008-2009, in particular in the field of nationality, a Group of Specialists on Nationality has been set up, under the authority of the CDCJ. This Group of Specialists has the task of promoting and contributing to the reinforcement of the existing instruments of the Council of Europe in the field of nationality, as well as of preparing in 2008 a report for the attention of the CDCJ containing proposals for a future legal instrument. In this respect the Group will identify and analyse current issues which prevent children both from having a nationality and from being able to acquire the nationality of their country of birth and residence. The Group of Specialists on Nationality (CJ-S-NAT) held its first meeting on 28-29 April 2008. 

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3rd meeting report, 8-11 December 2008
2nd meeting report, 6-8 October 2008
1st meeting report, 29-30 April 2008