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The Council of Europe, an international organisation comprising the European parliamentary democracies, is endeavouring to keep a close watch on developments in member states in order to detect as soon as possible new needs and identify subjects suitable for co-operation at European level. Among these subjects, legal co-operation in the field of family law plays an important role taking into account that it is dealing with issues closely linked to the private lives of all persons. On the other hand, it should also be borne in mind that some problems concerning the family cannot be solved only in a national framework because, by their very nature, they go beyond national frontiers (e.g. an improper removal of a child by a parent across a border). (more...)  



As a result of its meetings held in 2010 and 2011, the CJ-FA elaborated a draft Recommendation on the rights and legal status of children and parental responsibilities. This Council of Europe draft new legal instrument is now being examined by the Committee of Ministers with a view to its adoption.

CETS 085 European Convention on the
 Legal Status of Children born
 out of Wedlock
Albania : Signature 20/1/2011; Ratification 9/9/2011

Total ratifications: 23
Entry into force: 11/8/1978 (Conditions: 3 ratifications)
CETS 105 European Convention on Recognition and Enforcement of Decisions concerning Custody of Children and on Restoration of Custody of Children

Andorra: Signature 14/4/2008; Ratification 23/3/2011; Entry into force 1/7/2011

Total ratifications: 37
Entry into force: 1/9/1983 (Conditions: 3 ratifications)

CETS 160 European Convention on the Exercise of Children's Rights Albania: Signature 20/1/2011; Ratification 19/10/2012; Entry into force 1/2/2012
Finland: Signature 25/1/1996; Ratification 29/11/2010; Entry into force 1/3/2011
Montenegro: Signature 18/6/2009; Ratification 1/10/2010; Entry into force 1/2/2011

Total ratifications : 17
Entry into force: 1/7/2000 (Conditions: 3 Ratifications including 2 member States)

CETS 192

Convention on contact
 concerning children

Bosnia and Herzegovina: Signature 12/10/2011; Ratification 14/11/2012; Entry into force 1/3/2013
Turkey: Signature 15/7/2003; Ratification 23/1/2012; Entry into force 1/5/2012

Total ratifications : 8
Entry into force: 1/7/2000 (Conditions: 3 Ratifications including 2 member States)

CETS 202 European Convention on the Adoption of Children (Revised) Denmark:Signature 27/11/2008; Ratification 3/2/2012; Entry into force 1/6/2012
Finland: Signature 27/11/2008; Ratification 3/2/2012; Entry into force 1/7/2012
Netherlands: Signature 30/11/2009; Ratification 29/6/2012;  Entry into force 1/10/2012
Norway: Signature 27/11/2008; Ratification 14/1/2011; Entry into force 1/9/2011
Romania: Signature 4/3/2009; Ratification 2/1/2012; Entry into force 1/5/2012
Spain: Signature 30/11/2009: Ratification 5/8/2010; Entry into force 1/9/2011
Ukraine: Signature 28/4/2009; Ratification 4/5/2011; Entry into force 1/9/2011

Total ratifications : 7
Entry into force : 1/9/2011 (Conditions: 3 ratifications)