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Relevant Case Law of the European Court of Human Rights
Latest judgments
Gas and Dubois v. France, September 2009  Decision (in French)
Menendez Garcia v. Spain, May 2009  Decision (in French)
Chapin and Charpentier v. France Press release
Anakomba Yula v. Belgium, March 2009 Press release

Varnava and others v. Turkey, November 2008

Press release
E.B. v. France, January 2008 Press release
Kearns v. France, January 2008 Press release
Wagner and J.M.W.L. v. Luxembourg, June 2007 Press release
List of judgments concerning adoption (non-exhaustive)
List of case law
NEW: List of judgments concerning the legal status of children and parental responsibilities (non-exhaustive)
J.M. v. United Kingdom Judgment

Press release

Evans v UK Judgment

Press release

Mazurek v France Judgment

Press release

Odičvre v France Judgment

Press release