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Convention Committee on the Custody Convention (T-CC)

Latest meeting report (6-7 June 2006) T-CC (2006) RAP10

Link to Convention- ETS No.: 105

The T-CC was set up under the provisions of the European Convention on Recognition and Enforcement of Decisions concerning Custody of Children and on Restoration of Custody of Children ("the Custody Convention" ETS No.105). The most recent T-CC meeting took place on 6-7 June 2006. The Committee is composed of the representatives of the Central Authorities appointed by the Contracting States who meet in order to study and facilitate the functioning of the Convention. The Committee has in the past met nine times, the previous meeting having taken place in February 2000.

At this meeting, the T-CC began to review the implementation of the Custody Convention on the basis of the replies to a questionnaire distributed to Central Authority representatives and the representatives from non-Contracting States. In particular it examined the issue of reservations in respect of the Custody Convention, in order to consider the grounds for maintaining existing reservations and the difficulties which might arise with regard to national law in Contracting States if they were to withdraw these reservations. The T-CC will also prepare an updated version of the information document for the attention of the Central Authorities which contains, in particular, details on internal procedures of Contracting States for implementing the Convention.

As part of its work to overcome any difficulties concerning the application of the Convention, the T-CC has inter alia prepared Recommendations No. R (95) 6 and No. R (99) 7 on the application of the Custody Convention.

Previously, the Committee noted that effective emergency measures were of particular importance in this field. This is one of the reasons why the Committee of Experts on Family Law prepared the Recommendation No. R (91) 9 on emergency measures in family matters.