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6th European Ministerial Conference on Equality between Women and Men

Stockholm, 8-9 June 2006

Human rights and economic challenges in Europe - gender equality

The European Ministers responsible for Equality between Women and Men met in Stockholm on 8 and 9 June 2006. The main theme of the Conference was "Human rights and economic challenges in Europe - gender equality” and the two sub themes (1) : Gender equality as an integral part of human rights in a democratic society and (2) : Gender analysis and gender budgeting: tools for economic development. The Ministers adopted a Resolution on Achieving gender equality: a challenge for human rights and a prerequisite for economic development" containing specific strategies for achieving gender equality and encouraged governments and all institutions and groups concerned to implement these strategies. They also adopted an Action Plan for Achieving gender equality in all spheres of society outlining the Council of Europe priorities for the forthcoming years which focus on the promotion of de facto gender equality as a fundamental criterion of democracy and on the protection of women and men against threats to their dignity and integrity.



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