Group of States against corruption (GRECO)

News Flash - 14 June 2006

Council of Europe's Group of States Against Corruption (GRECO) publishes report on the Czech Republic

The Council of Europe's anti-corruption monitoring mechanism, the Group of States against Corruption (GRECO) has published today its
Second Round Evaluation Report on the Czech Republic. The report is made public with the agreement of the Czech authorities.

The report indicates that the Czech government has taken various commendable measures in the last 5 years to prevent and combat corruption, but that despite these measures corruption remains a serious problem. Specifically in the area of public administration, GRECO called for  measures to address conflicts of interest, competitive hiring of persons employed in the public sector at all levels, reporting suspicions of corruption and adequate protection for public officials who report instances of corruption in good faith. Regarding the recovery of the proceeds of corruption, GRECO called upon the Czech authorities to ensure that a comprehensive set of legal provisions on interim measures and forfeiture is in place to deprive offenders of the benefits of their crimes. Finally, GRECO stressed the need to establish liability of legal persons for offences of corruption, money laundering and trading in influence and to provide for appropriate sanctions.

GRECO has addressed 12 recommendations to the Czech Republic and invited the Czech authorities to report on their implementation by November 2007.