Group of States against corruption (GRECO)

Group of States against Corruption publishes summary of its confidential report on Belarus

Press release

Strasbourg, 3 February 2014 – The Council of Europe’s Group of States against Corruption (GRECO) today published a summary of its Joint First and Second Round Evaluation Report on Belarus adopted in June 2012. It assesses compliance by Belarus with the Council of Europe’s anti-corruption standards and, more specifically, it examines the independence, powers and means available to national bodies responsible for the prevention and fight against corruption, the extent and scope of immunities from investigation and prosecution for corruption offences, possibilities for seizure and confiscation of proceeds of corruption, corruption within the public administration, and the use of legal persons to shield corruption offences.
GRECO decided in December 2013, to make this summary public if the authorities of Belarus did not follow the positive transparency policy applied and accepted within GRECO by authorising the publication of the entire report by 3 February 2014. It is the first time in GRECO’s fifteen years of existence that such a measure has had to be taken.
Full text of the summary of GRECO’s Joint First and Second Evaluation Report on Belarus