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Press Release – 24.09.1997

Publication of a first series of country-by-country reports by the European Commission against Racism and Intolerance (ECRI)

STRASBOURG, 24.09.97 – The European Commission against Racism and Intolerance (ECRI) is to make public on Thursday 25 September 1997 a first series of its country-by-country reports. These reports examine the legal and policy measures in place in each member state to combat racism, xenophobia, antisemitism and intolerance and make specific, concrete proposals to help governments solve the problems they face.

The reports to be made public on Thursday concern eleven countries: Belgium, the Czech Republic, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta and Poland. Reports on the other members States of the Council of Europe will be available as and when they are completed.

Frank ORTON, Chair of ECRI and Swedish Ombudsman against Ethnic Discrimination will present these reports and outline ECRI’s other projects at a press conference on Thursday 25 September at 14h45 (in Room 301).

ECRI was set up in March 1994 and was requested to assess the effectiveness of measures (legal, policy and other) taken by States to combat racism, xenophobia, antisemitism and intolerance; to propose further action in this field at local, national and European level; to formulate general policy recommendations to member States; and to study the international legal instruments applicable in this area, with a view to their reinforcement where necessary.