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Mr Gilberto FELICI 


Education, Academic and other Qualifications

- 1993-1996: University of Urbino, Faculty of Law, Degree in Law, 5 December 1996

- March 1997-December 1998. successful completion of the “Biennial Course of Specialisation for Teaching in High School”, organised by the University of San Marino

- November 1998: admission to the Bar

- June-November 1999: winner of the competition for the selection of “Uditore Giudiziario” (see infra) at the Civil and Criminal Court of the Republic of San Marino
Professional activities

(a) Present positions

- October 2003 –: Commissario della Legge (monocratic ordinary judge of first instance with full powers) at the Single Court of the Republic of San Marino

- June 2003 -: Member of the European Commission against Racism and Intolerance

- February 2005 -: member of the Special Commission for the preparation of the regulations regarding the compulsory health treatment and measures to protect incapable adults (Congresso di Stato [Government] – provision n. 3, 19 October 2004), still in force

(b) Work at national level

- January 1999 – December 1999: Law Practitioner, Attorney and Notary (registered in the Bar List, no. 73)

- January 1998 – January 2001: researcher at the Institute of Legal History and Philosophy, University of Urbino (Italy)

- January 2000 – October 2003: Uditore giudiziario (monocratic ordinary judge of first instance with competence powers) at the Single Court of the Republic San Marino

- August 2004: member of the Special Commission for the reform of the regulations regarding residence and stay of foreigners (Congresso di Stato [Government] – provision n. 7, 30 august 2004),

- February 2005: member of the special Commission for the execution of the Oviedo Convention on human rights and biomedicine (Congresso di Stato [Government] – provision n. 63, 13 June 2005)

- March 2005: member of the Special Commission for the review and revision of the rules of Civil Procedure (Consiglio Grande e Generale [Parliament] - agenda of 30 June 2004)
Publications and other works

- December 1999: Publication of the essay “San Marino Constitutional Law: the Organisation of Public Powers”, Edizioni del Titano

- March 1998 – December 2002: publication of four legal articles, comments on a judgement
Language skills

- Italian, native speaker
- French, good
- English, fair

Other relevant information

- From January 1991 until June 1996 a supporting member and head of section of the NGO “Amnesty International”, Italy, participation in awareness-raising campaigns against the death penalty, the violation of civil and political rights in China and the condition of women in Iran

- Good knowledge of the basis, theory and main applications of accounting in line with the European Accounting Regulations in force, member of the San Marino Accountants’ Association