European Commission against Racism and Intolerance (ECRI)





Education and academic and other qualifications

University of Montenegro, Podgorica, Montenegro.
Faculty of Law,
Bachelor of Law, November 1987.

Master in Law / MA (UDG University - Podgorica, Montenegro) Thesis: Convergence Between European Convention and EU Law of Human Rights


Professional activities

(a) Present positions

Head of the Law Faculty Centre for Human Rights - Podgorica, Montenegro

(b) Work at national level
- Trainer of civil servants in Ombudsman Law and European Integrations
- Trainer of Younger Court Servants in ECHR law and practice - NGO Centre for Democracy and Human Rights, Montenegro
- Independent expert on minority rights education - NGO CEZAM - Montenegro
- Lecturer on minority rights - Nansen Dialogue Centre - Montenegro
- UNDP associated expert in working on Montenegro National Program of Implementation of European Partnership in Montenegro
- Member of the Council for the Civic Control of Police Forces in Montenegro (an independent body)
- NGO Media Institute of Montenegro - Lecturer in issue of HR
- OHCHR Office in Montenegro - Legal Study on Petit Crime Law in Montenegro
- Centre for Education in Judiciary - lecturer on European Law
- NGO Human Rights Reporting to the European Commission, Open Society Institute Montenegro
- Lecturing on International Asylum Law - NGO Centre For Civic Education - Podgorica Montenegro
- UNICEF - Local Expert on Evaluation of the Work of UNICEF Office in Montenegro
- Head of Legal Advisory Team in working on Annual Reports of the Child Rights in Montenegro (last three years)
- PRSP (Poverty Redaction Strategy Program) in Montenegro - HR aspect, legal advisor
- Implementation of the European Convention on Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms, Article 6 (Balkan Trust Foundation and Center for Democracy and Human Rights, Montenegro)
- Evaluation of the Strategy on Minority Policy in Montenegro, NGO CEZAM Montenegro
- Member of the National Task Force working on establishment of the national bodies network in preventing torture (UN OPCAT implementation) - OSCE Mission in Montenegro

(c) International work

- Vice president of the Steering Committee of Balkan Human Rights Network, 2002-2004
- Regional HR protection of elderly persons - BHR Network, 2004
- Lecturer on Summer School for the Future Decision Makers, Dubrovnik, Croatia, 2005
- Lecturer on Summer Academy for Human Rights and Democracy, Graz, Austria, 2008
- OSCE - Acting Officer for Human and Minority Rights in Montenegro (July - August, 2008)
- European Space of Justice - Trainer of trainers in Judges education, Bertinoro, Italia, 2004
- MARI Project - NGO sector in SEE, 2004
- Lecturer on European Master in Human Rights and Democracy (MA), Sarajevo - Bologna (three years, 2004-2006) Cluster on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights
- Virtual School of Dialogue and Tolerance in the field of Minority Rights (Nansen Dialogue Center of Montenegro) 2006-2007
- HUMSEC (Human Security in SEE) coordinator for Montenegro (EU FP 6 Program)

Publications and other works

- Analysis of institutional protection of HR, USAID ORT/MAP, 2001
- Reform of institutional protection of HR, USAID ORT/MAP, 2002
- Human Rights for Non-Lawyers, HRC SEE Network, 2002
- Legal Aspect of Monitoring of the Protection of Child Rights in Montenegro, 2004, 2005, 2006
- Minority Rights in Practice in SEE – Montenegrin Law (Open Society Institute, King Boudain Foundation, 2008)
- Civil Society and Good Governance in Societies in Transition - Case of Montenegro, 2006

Language skills

- Speaking and writing English - excellent
- Speaking and writing Italian - excellent

Other relevant information

Legal research activities during 90-ties:
- safety at work
- environmental polution
- noise polution
- ESC rights in the World

Participation in NGO campaigns in Montenegro:
- Stop War Crimes
- Days of Religious Tolerance
- Farewell to Arms - Legal bind of arms bearing at public places
- Stop Trafficking of Human Beings (Women NGO in Montenegro and OHCHR Office in Montenegro