European Commission against Racism and Intolerance (ECRI)





Education and academic and other qualifications

· University of Oxford, All Souls College, Post Ph.D studies, International Public Law, 1997/98;

· University St. Cyril and Methodius Skopje, Dr International Law, 1996;

Profesional activities:

(a) Present position

·  Professor at the SEE University- Tetovo, 2001-;

· Visiting Professor at the Institute for Peace Research and Security at the University of Hamburg – Postgraduate degree program “Master of Peace and Security Studies”, 2007-2008;

· Visiting Professor at the University of Copenhagen - Faculty of Law, 2002;

· Senior Hall Member, Oxford University, St. Antony's College, 1997-1998.

(b) Work at national level

· Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Special Advisor and Director of International Law, Directorate, 1998 –2003;

· Municipal Public Prosecutor, Deputy, 1986-1993

· Expert of the Trial Observation Working Group, OSCE, Spillover Mission in Skopje, November 2002;

· Expert - Center for the Strategic Research - Macedonian Academy of Science and Arts 2000 -.

(c) International level

· Member of the Lists of Legal Advisors of the Member States of the UN, 1999 - 2005;

· Member of the Preparatory Commission of the UN International Criminal Court, 1998-2000 ;

· Member of the Lists of the Conciliators maintained by Secretary- General of the UN, 1999.

Books published

· International Public Law , SEE-University, Tetovo, 2008;

· International Law and Human Rights, SEE-University, Tetovo, 2005;

·  Extraordinary Law Remedy under the International and National Law ,Academic, Skopje, 1999;

· The National Minorities in the Balkans Under the UN and European System of protection of Human and Minorities Rights, Magor, Skopje, 1998.