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The European Commission for the Efficiency of Justice

The CEPEJ: 10 years of concrete action to improve the efficiency and quality of the functioning of courts, for the sake of theirs users

The CEPEJ celebrated its 10th anniversary on 6 December 2012. Distinguishted personalities participated to this event has been marked by the presentation of the tools developed by the CEPEJ to improve the functioning of judicial systems, the contribution from researchers, a round table on the iimpact of the publication of the CEPEJ evaluation report on the functioning of judicial systems, discussions, presentation of the recently honoured projects of the 2012 Crystal Scales of Justice Prize and a retrospective of the results reached by the CEPEJ since its creation. 


List of participants

Picture gallery

Video records of the CEPEJ's 10th anniversary

10 years of concrete tools aimed at policy makers and justice professionals

Innovative practices contribute to improving the efficiency and quality of the service delivered to court users

A long way to the efficiency and quality of justice




Foundars and actors of the CEPEJ expressed views, on the occasion of the CEPEJ’s 10th anniversary, celebrated on 6 December 2012, on the.achievements made over the last 10 years as well as on the perspectives of improvements

Eberhard Desch, former CEPEJ President: "As first President of the CEPEJ from 2003 to 2006, can you describe the initial ambitions of the CEPEJ and its achivements ?"
Andre Potocki, former CEPEJ Vice-President and Judge at the European Court of Human Rights : “To which extend is the CEPEJ usefull to the European Court of Human Rights ?" (in French)
John Stacey, CEPEJ President: "How widely, at international level, is the CEPEJ known ?"

Georg Stawa, CEPEJ Vice-President : « Which will be the main improvements in the works of the CEPEJ in the coming years ? »

Jean-Paul Jean, President of the working group on evaluation of justice (CEPEJ): "Why are the evaluation cycles of European judicial systems qualified as tools for public policy to orient reforms of the judicial system ?”



A various and rich documentation will be put at the disposal of public in the Entry Hall of the Agora building. This documentation is composed of CEPEJ guidelines, tools and studies. 

Video records made during the 2012 European day of Justice, in particular during the Short film festival on mediation and during the Prize awarding ceremony of the Crystal Scales of Justice will be played continu.



The ceremony has been followed, on 7 December 2012, by the plenary meeting of the CEPEJ.
Abridged meeting report

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