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Preliminary works of the CCJE

The Consultative Council of European Judges prepares opinions for the attention of the Committee of Ministers

The opinions given by the CCJE take account of existing national situations.

This work is carried out on the basis of the replies by delegations to the questionnaires proposed by the CCJE.

The preliminary works of the CCJE are based on the following thema:


The uniform application of the law (2017)

The role of Court Presidents (2016)

The independence of the judiciary and its relationships with the other powers in a modern democratic state (2015)

The evaluation of judges’ work, the quality of justice and respect for judicial independence (2014)

The relationship between judges and lawyers and the concrete means to improve the efficiency and quality of judicial proceedings (2013)

Specialisation of judges (2012)

Justice and information technologies (IT) (2011)

Magna Charta of European Judges (2010)

The role of judges in the enforcement of judicial decisions in their relations with the other state functions and other players (2010)

Relations between judges and prosecutors

Quality of judicial decisions
The councils for the judiciary
The role of judges in the international context and in the context of terrorism
Justice and society
Fair trial
Training of judges
Ethics of judges
Independence of judges and funding of courts