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Brief report on the external activities of the CCJE – participation in various fora, conferences, seminars, workshops and projects, as well as responses to requests for assistance for the period of November 2014 – October 2015

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Signature of the inter-professional Charter of Romanian judges, prosecutors and counsels and plenary meeting of the CCJE - Ms Rodica Aida Popa, judge, Member of the CCJE (Romania) - Interview of 9 October 2015 - Juridice.Ro


Press release from the Moroccan newspaper l'"Economiste" - 19 February 2015 (in French)



3rd meeting of the project on prison overcrowding
26 & 27 October 2015
Paris, France

Roundtable-discussion on the CCJE Opinions
28 September
Tbilisi, Georgia

Legal debates under professional portal juridice.ro: "Are women equal to men?"
7 September 2015

Seminar on independence of the judicial system and its relations with other powers in a modern democratic state
3 June 2015
Bergen, Norway

Second meeting organised by the European Committee on Crime Problems (CDPC) on prison overcrowding
21-22 May 2015

Judicial debate on the theme "The independence of justice vs independence of mass media" with the participation of judge Dr. Rodica Aida Popa, CCJE member (Romania)
11 May 2015, website www.juridice.ro (platform of judicial romanian media professionnals)

- More information [fr]

Workshop on Development of the Implementation Plans for Pilot Courts
Ankara (Turkey)
27-29 April 2015

Training course on the CCJE activities and standards and the importance of international cooperation between judges

The Hague (Netherlands)

26 March 2015



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Council of Europe press releases

The conferences


Conference on the dialog between judges, lawyers and prosecutors with regard to Opinions No. 12 and 16 of the CCJE as well as on ethical and deontological issues
23 September 2015

Bucharest (Romania)


"Opening conference of the process for regional dialogue on judicial reform in the eastern partnership countries"
10 September

Strasbourg (France)


Conference on securing the independence and effectiveness of the judiciary: European initiatives and perspectives

17 June 2015

Geneva (Switzerland)


International Conference on finding an ideal model of the National Judicial Council, with the participation of Bart van Lierop, President of the CCJE

13 and 14 May 2015, Brno (Czech Republic)


International conference on Opinion no 17 of the CCJE on the evaluation of judges’ work, the quality of justice and respect for judicial independence – inter-professional dialog bridge in the assessment of judges and prosecutors of the Romanian Judiciary in a democratic society

Bucharest (Romania)

27-28 April 2015

- Programme of the conference

- Interview of Bart van Lierop, President of the CCJE [in Romanian] [in English]

- Speech of the President of the CSM [in Romanian]

- Speech of Judge Aida Popa, member of the CCJE [in Romanian] [in English]

- Interview of Judge Aida Popa, member of the CCJE [in Romanian] [in English]

- Press review [in Romanian]













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