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Relations between judges and prosecutors

In 2009, the Consultative Council of European Judges (CCJE) and the Consultative Council of European Prosecutors (CCPE) prepared an Opinion on the relations between judges and prosecutors. The final version of this Opinion has been adopted at the joint CCPE and CCJE meeting in Ljubljana (Slovenia) on 20 November 2009. On 20 January 2010, the Committee of Ministers took note of the Opinion jointly adopted by the CCPE and the CCJE on relations between judges and prosecutors. This opinion will be transmitted to the Parliamentary Assembly and to the concerned Council of Europe Committees, as well as to the competent authorities in the members States.

Press release of 20 November 2009


Useful documents

Recommendation (2000)19 on the Role of Public Prosecution in the Criminal Justice System, paragraphs 17 to 20

Recommendation (94) 12 on the independence, efficiency and role of judges

Recommendation (87) 18 concerning the simplification of criminal justice

European Charter on the Statute for Judges

Opinion N 1 (2001) on standards concerning the independence of the judiciary and the irremovability of judges

Opinion N 3 (2002) on ethics and liability of judges

Opinion N 4 (2003) on training for judges

Opinion N 6 (2004) on fair trial with a reasonable time

Opinion N 7 (2005) on "justice and society"

Opinion n8 (2006) on "the role of judges in the protection of the rule of law and human rights in the context of terrorism"

Opinion n9 (2006) on "the role of national judges in ensuring an effective application of international and European law"

Opinion n10 (2007) on "Council for the Judiciary in the service of society"

Conclusions of the Conference of Prosecutors General of Europe, 3rd Session, Ljubljana, 12-14 May 2002

CEPEJ Report on "European judicial systems" (replies to questions on judges and prosecutors)

Report on the relationship between judges and prosecutors by Professor Tak (Netherlands) (Doc. CCJE-GT(2009)4)

Report on the relationship between judges and prosecutors by John MacMENAMIN (Ireland) (Doc. CCJE-GT(2009)1


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