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Thanks to the Resource Centre’s online catalogue, you can now search for documents on the Internet:

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You have direct access to the specialized NSC collection which is made up of documents from the NSC’s various field of work (Strategies and Capacity Building for Global Education ; Training and Capacity Building for Youth and Youth Organisations ; Intercultural Dialogue ; Human Rights, Democratic Governance and Development ; Migrations and Co-development).
You can extend your search to the Shared catalogue of the Council of Europe’s libraries:

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If you cannot find what you are looking for, please send an email to Emília Soares or


You will find:

- Reports of conferences, seminars and workshops organized by the NSC ;
- NSC publications ;
- Resources related to the various fields of work of the NSC (Strategies and Capacity Building for Global Education, Training and Capacity Building for Youth and Youth Organisations, Intercultural Dialogue, Human Rights, Democratic Governance and Development, Migrations and Co-development) ;
- Documents and publications of international organisations and national institutions of the Member States of the NSC ;
- Didactic resources (handbooks, CD-Roms, video cassettes, DVDs);
- Reference documents (Directories, Dictionaries, etc.) ;

The Documentation Centre has a collection of close to 1000 reference titles, a catalogue of which is available online:


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There is no lending service available.

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