If the World were a village of 1000 people...

It would include:

there would be:

____Christians (among them ____ Catholics, ____ Protestants, ____ Orthodox)
____ "Non religious"
____Other religions

Among other languages, the people of the village would speak:


Population, Healthcare and Education

_____ of the 1000 people in the world village are children, and ____ are over the age of 65.

_____% of the children are immunised against preventable diseases such as measles and polio.

_____% of the married women in the village have access to and use modern contraceptives.

About ______ people have access to clean, safe drinking water.

Of the ____ adults in the village, _____% are illiterate.

This year _____ babies will be born. _____people will die, _____ of them for lack of food, _____ from cancer. _____ of the deaths will be of babies born within the year. _____ people of that 1,000 in the village is infected with HIV.

With the _____ births and _____ deaths, the population of the village next year will be ______.

Environment and Economy

In this 1000 person community, _____ people receive 80 percent of the income; another _____ receive only 2 percent of the income.

_____ people own an automobile (although some own more than one car).

The village has 6 acres of land per person -6000 acres in all-of which:

_____ acres are cropland

_____ acres are pasture

_____ acres are woodland

_____ acres desert, tundra, pavement, and other wasteland.

The village allocates _____ percent of its fertiliser to 40 percent of its cropland - that owned by the richest and best fed 270 people.

The remaining 60 percent of the land, with its _____ percent of the fertiliser, produces _____ percent of the food and feeds 73 percent of the people.

In the village of 1000 people, there are:

_____ soldiers

_____ teachers

_____ doctors

_____ refugees driven from home by war or drought.

The village has a total yearly budget, public and private, of over $3million - $3,000 per person if it is distributed evenly (which, as we have already seen, it isn't).

Of the total $3 million:

$_____ goes to weapons and warfare

$_____ to education

$_____ to health care.

The village has buried beneath it enough explosive power in nuclear weapons to blow up itself. These weapons are under the control of _____ people.