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Global Education on-line training-course evaluation reports:
2013 exercise first semester & second semester ;
2012 exercise first semester & second semester ;
2011 exercise first semester & second semester ;
2010 exercise ; 2009 exercise


Following the launching of the Global Education Guidelines – on-line version (re-edition 2012) available from North-South Centre (NSC) website and hard copy available upon request – the NSC Global Education programme offered its first Global Education on-line training course in 2009. Since three courses are offered annually, in Spring, Summer and Autumn for each of the two topics: 1) Human Rights dimension and 2) Intercultural dimension.

These introductory online training courses on global education (GE), with a particular focus on human rights (HR) and intercultural dialogue (ICD), target practitioners in the field of education and development, teachers, social and youth workers, as well as policy-makers, civil servants and local and regional authorities.

These four-week long online learning courses involve 10 hours of learning per week, which includes reading, discussion and response to interactive exercises. It is based on approximately 150 pages of educational material that include a diversity of interactive individual and group exercises with coached assignments, a glossary and a virtual library as well as a discussion forum. Such exercises aim at developing competences in the fields of team-building, mapping of GE/HR/ICD situation in participants’ countries, GE/HR/ICD strategies and GE/HR/ICD activity development.

The overall evaluation of the courses is very positive, with a high rating of satisfaction among the participants’ evaluation questionnaire sent after each course, considering participants’ diverse professional, geographical and cultural background.

Evaluation questionnaire assess the useful/missing aspects of the course; relevance of the exercises/pedagogical tools/time-frame; role of the coaches; improvement of the course; increased knowledge acquisition by participants and possible impact on professional background after the course

Participants professional background vary from Youth leaders, Educators, Civil Society activist, International organisations, Local Authorities and Ministries, from countries from all continents.

Call for applicants are advertised on NSC website and through NSC newsletter.

With this on-line training-course, the North-South Centre is reinforcing its capacity-building dimension within its Global Education programme and reinforcing its international networking strategy for more and better global education in Europe and beyond. It also responds to the Council of Europe strategy for Intercultural Dialogue.