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Nº 65 | May 2009

Global Education News is an electronic newsletter where national global education coordinators or practitioners can share global education news and best practices, useful thematic links and educational materials. It also serves as a medium for the North-South Centre global education network national coordinators' own use.

    Dear friends,

    While the Council of Europe is celebrating 60 years of existence defending Human Rights based values, and because 2009 is the the International Year of Human Rights Learning, this issue focuses on Human Rights Education. Having this in mind and in line with the recently issued Global Education Guidelines, the North-South Centre will offer its first Global Education on-line training course in July and will focus on Human Rights Education during its annual Lisbon Forum which theme will be “Creating a Culture of Human Rights through Education”. We invite you to follow up on NSC activities through its website and get acquainted with NSC initiatives for a better understanding . Meanwhile, explore in this newsletter HRE related useful links (§3) and resources (§4) as well as interesting offers (§5) events, conferences (§6) and campaigns (§8).

    Wishing you a captivating and enjoyable reading!

1. News from North-South Centre of the Council of Europe & the Global Education Week network


2. Other news

. The Council of Europe 60th anniversary website presents the festivities and commemorations in the 47 member states. By means of a map or list of diary dates, Internet users can find out about events that interest them. They also have access to a photo gallery showing the 60th anniversary logo and the commemorative stamps issued by partner national post offices. A video library presents several commemorative films.

. UNESCO World Conference on Education for Sustainable Development - Moving into the Second Half of the UN Decade, Bonn, April 2009 - Outcomes


3. Useful links

    . Human Rights Education Associates (HREA) is an international non-governmental organisation that supports human rights learning; the training of activists and professionals; the development of educational materials and programming; and community-building through on-line technologies. HREA is dedicated to quality education and training to promote understanding, attitudes and actions to protect human rights, and to foster the development of peaceable, free and just communities.

    . The United Network of Young Peacebuilders (UNOY Peacebuilders) is a global network of 38 youth peace organisations and 350 affiliates active in the field of peacebuilding and conflict transformation. The UNOY network contributes to the work of its members and affiliates in two fundamental ways, namely capacity building and advocacy and campaigning. Within these two fields UNOY engage in a range of activities.

    . Peace One Day Education aims to advance active learning in the areas of conflict resolution, global citizenship, human rights and the link between sustainability and peace, using Peace Day 21st September as a focus. Our goal is to provide resource materials to every school in the world, inspiring a generation to become the driving force behind the vision of a united and sustainable world.

    . "On-call" Scientists is a network of scientists who are ready to volunteer their time and expertise to human rights organizations in need of science and scientific know how. Nearly 200 scientists, from a variety of disciplines, are enrolled in the program.

    . UNESCO portal : Statistics - Guidelines - Toolkits

    . UNESCO – Social & Human sciences

    . UNESCO newsletters & UNESCO Edu info


4. Useful resources

Global Education Guidelines
The North-South Centre is happy to announce that the Global Education Guidelines, a handbook for Educators to understand and implement Global Education, is now available on-line. more...

    Council of Europe HRE-EDC pedagogical resources

    COMPASS - COMPASS has been produced within the framework of the Human Rights Education Youth Programme of the Directorate of Youth and Sport of the Council of Europe. The programme aims to put human rights at the centre of youth work and thereby to contribute to the bringing of human rights education into the mainstream.

    Domino – A manual to use peer group education as a means to fight racism, xenophobia, anti-semitism and intolerance. See also Alien 93, Youth organisation combatting racism and xenophobia.

    Education pack - Idea, resources, methods and activities for informal intercultural education with young people and adults

    Exploring children’s rights - Lesson sequences for primary schools

    Human Rights educational fact sheets. The European Convention on Human Rights - starting points for teachers

    T-Kits : Training kitsThe training kits are thematic publications written by experienced youth trainers and other experts. They are easy-to-use handbooks for use in training and study sessions. T-Kits are produced by the Youth Directorate.

    European Charter for Democratic Schools without Violence


    . The Moscow School of Human Rights and Social and Human Sciences Sector of the UNESCO Moscow Office present a new publication, “Human Rights Education in the Russian Federation, Including Prevention Education in HIV/AIDS: Analytical Report”, edited by Anatoly Azarov - English & Russian

    . Inspiring practice: resources, tools and activities for human rights education, the latest publication of the Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission has been designed to help people deliver workshops on human rights, including the Human Rights Act and the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR). It includes: information about human rights education; sample activities, with clear instructions for facilitators; easy to photocopy resource sheets to make preparation easier; background information for facilitators; links to key human rights conventions and legislation; references and links to further resources and reading. This manual will help educators and facilitators introduce ideas about human rights, and stimulate debate and further learning.

    . Peace one Day : online educational curriculum focusing on conflict resolution and non-violence for teachers and students across the world

    . No Strings - Puppet films and learning activities for vulnerable children and communities

    . Little Green Data Book 2009 : Cities and their residents are the main drivers of global warming, yet also offer the best means for slowing the rate and impact of climate change, according to the 2009 annual edition of The Little Green Data Book. The annual compilation of statistics on environment-related issues was released today by the World Bank on the occasion of the 17th Session of the United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development.

    . Culture Europe published the book Intercultural Dialogue(s), intersecting outlooks on European Year of Intercultural Dialogue. More information and order in "new articles" – order form

    . CIVICUS and MDGs Campaigning Toolkit for Civil Society Organisations engaged in the Millenium Development Goals - CIVICUS newsletter

    . DEEEP newsletter

    . Eco-Schools newsletter

    . TRIALOG Information Service (TIS) is addressed to NGOs and individuals who are interested in development issues in the context of EU enlargement.

    . UNESCO Education newsletter

    . UNESCO Global Monitoring Report on Education for All, 2008


5. Message in a bottle

    Sharing good practices

    . Building Global Friendship - CISV provides a range of unique, education group activities, which develop cross-cultural understanding in children, youth and adults from around the world. By encouraging respect for cultural difference and the development of self-awareness, CISV empowers each participant to incorporate these values into their lives as they become global citizens and strive for a more peaceful world.

    . No Strings - Puppet films and learning activities for vulnerable children and communities

    . Partnership for Change : a project developed by 5 NGOs (Amici dei Popoli, Cestas, Hegoa, Risc and CMO) and financially supported by the European Commission, focuses on the process of approval and implementation of the Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs), the free trade agreements between the European Union and the 75 ACP countries. The project is aiming to heighten the awareness of the role and the dangers of these policies among the actors in the civil society and international co-operation and to draw the attention of the members of the European parliament to these themes to check their coherence and the validity of the fight against the failed development in tin the countries involved.

    Calls / training

    . Euro-Mediterranean Training Course for Human Rights Education with Young People - the course is organised by the Partnership on Youth between the European Commission and the Council of Europe in co-operation with the Human Rights Center of the Beirut Arab University, with the collaboration of the Public Interest Advocacy Center (Pinacle) and Permanent Peace Movement (PPM) from Lebanon. This course will be held from 21 to 29 June 2009 at the Beirut Arab University in Debbiye, Lebanon. The working language of the training course will be Arabic. The course is open to residents of Lebanon, Jordan, Palestinian Authority, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, the Gulf states, and of the 47 member states of the Council of Europe.

    . UNOY - call for internships for young people who are looking for a great learning experience and an opportunity to join the youth movement for peace. more …

    . Forum on Human Rights Education : the forum will be held at the European Youth Centrre Budapest from 15 to 17 October 2009. It aims to promote, consolidate and develop human rights education with and by young people within the Council of Europe’s mission and framework and to associate young people with the celebrations of the 60th anniversary of the Council of Europe. The deadline for applications is 10 June 2009. All candidates must apply by filling in the online application form avaulable in English ; Français ; Русский

    Request of partnership

    . Request of collaboration / partnership from the International Centre for Environmental Education and Community international events like workshops and seminars. more …

    . "On-call" Scientists is a network of scientists who are ready to volunteer their time and expertise to human rights organizations in need of science and scientific know how. Nearly 200 scientists, from a variety of disciplines, are enrolled in the program. If your human rights organization has a project that requires a scientist, we invite you to submit a Request for a Volunteer via our website. Projects will have to be very specific in terms of objectives, time-frame, location, and the like.

    Job opportunities

    . Programme officer – Education for Social Justice (ESJ) Fahamu is looking for qualified candidates for the post of Programme officer, Education for Social Justice. Successful candidates would have a responsibility for developing curriculums and training our diverse audiences in human rights and social justice topics as well as online tutoring. The candidate is also expected to have experience in community training and organizing for a pan-African audience. more…

    . Vacancy at Amnesty International -- Africa Human Rights Education Project Manager more …


6. Events

. International Seminar on Greening Education will be held from 30th of September to 2ndof October 2009 in the “green” city of Karlsruhe, Germany

. Climate Change as Challenge for Intercultural Inquiry on Values
Aarhus University, November 3 -6, 2009


7. Special Sustainable Development

. World Social Forum 2009 - Overview of the World Social Forums

. World Economic Forum 2009

. CIVICUS special issue on WSF and WEF read more


8. Campaigns