Statement by the Chair of the North-South Centre, Deborah Bergamini, on the occasion of the re-election of Mr. José Manual Barroso as President of the European Commission
16 septembre 2009

« As Chair of the Executive Council of the North-South Centre, I am delighted by the decision taken by the European Parliament on 16 September to re-elect José Manuel Barroso as President of the European Commission. I take this opportunity to congratulate him and thank him for the support he has given to the North-South Centre during the 20 years of its existence, in the different posts he has occupied.

In fact, as Secretary of State for Co-operation of Portugal, Mr Barroso was one of the key people involved in the creation of the Centre in 1989, and its subsequent installation in Lisbon in 1990. While he was Prime Minister of Portugal, he contributed significantly to the reinforcement of the Centre by granting, among other things, new premises in 2004. Over the past number of years, he has personally participated, as President of the European Commission, in several important activities of the Centre, and he has supported the elaboration of two joint programmes between the North-South Centre and the European Commission on the promotion of development education in the new member States of the European Union, and on the reinforcement of Euro-African youth work.»

Photo NSC
Meeting between Ms. Catherine Lalumière, Secretary General of the Council of Europe and M. José Manuel Barroso, Minister of Foreign Affairs on the occasion of the North-South Centre confereence on the ”role of women in an interdenpant world” – 7April 1993