North-South Centre of the Council of Europe

12 August 2009
Statement by the Chair of the North-South Centre, Mrs. Deborah Bergamini, on the occasion of the International Youth Day

Young people who constitute the majority of the world’s population are often those more affected by the series of unprecedented  and interconnected crises  that humanity is facing. But they are also the most important recourse to shift towards a positive transformation of our planet and a lasting positive relation among our societies. 
Today, while celebrating the International Youth Day, the North-South Centre wants to honor the work of young people making our planet a better place. Particularly, the anonymous work of the thousands of youth leaders and youth workers that, in the youth organisations, in the communities, in collective spaces, engage every day in positive change. 
Within the activities of the North-South Centre young people have proven themselves to be a undeniable partner in Global Development. They are  involved in the different areas of action of the Centre and co-managing a programme that aims at improving the political participation of their peers in North-South cooperation and providing capacity building to youth organisations and youth groups. 
In 2009 the North-South Centre is giving priority to global and Euro-African youth cooperation through  an intense inter-regional and global programme co-financed by the European Commission. This year the University on Youth and Development  will hold its 10th edition in Mollina (Spain) on 13-20 September, and the North-South Centre will enter into the celebration period of its 20th Anniversary, from November 2009 to May 2010.