North-South Centre - European Centre for Global Interdependence and Solidarity


The North-South Centre (NSC) attended the EU Slovenian Presidency conference on Intercultural Dialogue & Development Education, organised by the Slovenian NGDO platform SLOGA in Ljubljana, 9-10 June.

The event was organised in the frame of the European multi stakeholder process on development education (DE), in which the NSC was involved together with a steering group composed of members of European institutions (Commission, Parliament), member state governments or agencies, international organisations (OECD, GENE) and civil society (CONCORD). This steering group elaborated the European Development Education Consensus, which was unveiled by Commissioner Louis Michel at the European Development Days in Lisbon in November 2007.

The conference was the first occasion after the presentation of this strategic frame document to come together in a real multi stakeholder plenary and to discuss impact and usefulness of this documents as well as further steps in its application.

During this conference the NSC presented the Global Education Guideline in plenary session as well as the Global Education Recommendation process initiated in March 2008.

Prior to SLOGA conference the NSC held the Global Education Week network evaluation seminar. The purpose of this annual meeting is to provide a space for national Global Education Week co-ordinators to share national strategies for increasing and improving Global Education. The GEW network also agreed on the final version of the GE guideline and discussed GEW perspectives for 2008 and beyond. The Global Education Guideline should be put on-line on NSC website during the summer, as soon as it is finalised and updated with the GEW network and the mentors recommendations.

The network participated in the SLOGA conference.

Finally, the NSC was invited to attend the inauguration of the Euro-Mediterranean University based in Pororoz, Slovenia, on 9 June.