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South Caucasus – A Part of Europe

“South Caucasus – A Part of Europe” offers new perspectives from the South Caucasus providing a forum for young people to share their concerns. Armenian, Azerbaijani and Georgian youngsters are trained to work with different media (foto, video, radio, print) and by these means share their views,life perspectives and opinions on development issues in their countries with peers from Austrian and Lithuanian schools who are trained to work with media as well . The youngsters’ creations will be the base of a comprehensive awareness campaign (including exhibitions, publications, workshops, discussions and other public activities) from autumn 2008 till end of 2009.


Interkulturelles Zentrum
Bacherplatz 10, A-1050 Wien
Tel: +43 1 586 75 44-0
Fax: +43 1 586 75 44-9


flash, Forum pour L’Action Sociale et Humanitaire

Le flash est un évènement organisé entièrement par des jeunes, pour des jeunes. Durant plusieurs jours, des milliers de jeunes se mettent dans la peau d’un jeune qui désire s’engager dans un projet citoyen et, à travers un jeu de rôle, suivent les étapes pour y arriver...
Cet évènement éducatif a pour public cible les élèves de fin de secondaire et les universitaires. Chaque jeune choisit un thème qui le touche : environnement, droits de l’homme, entraide, santé, sport et culture.


Trans-Mission ASBL
Rue de l'Aurore, 10
1000 Brussels
Tel.: +32.2.649.92.20


Accessing Development Education

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This project aims at promoting Development Education within the educational sector across Europe, focusing specifically on Lithuania, Cyprus, Scotland, Ireland and Bulgaria. This project acknowledges the fact that highly valuable Development Education material has been developed, however it recognises the difficulties of teachers and educators to access the existent material, as well as to apply these resources to their local or national educational context. More specifically, the project addresses the lack of access to, as well as the need for, Development Education material by teachers, educators, youth trainers and other actors across Europe, and especially in those countries that have joined the EU only recently.


Future Worlds Center
5 Promitheos Street, 1065 Nicosia, CYPRUS
Tel: +357 22878320
Fax: +357 22873821


Global High Schools

The initiative Global High Schools is a close co-work between a group of Danish high schools and a network of NGO’s and education developers, and involves implementing strategies to strengthen the global perspective in every area of the high school – pedagogy,
teaching materials, exchange programs, projects and social activities to name some of the areas. The aim is to contribute to the formation of young global citizens constructing awareness and the capacity to act on global challenges and possibilities faced in the north and south. The initiative will place an important focus on the dialogue with students and organizations in other parts of the world both through exchange programs and the web.


Operation Dagsværk
Studiestræde 24, 3. Th, 1455 Copenhagen, Denmark
Type of Organisation: Student organization


Hungarian Global Education Strategy

An overview of the recent development, and results of the HAND Association – Global Education Working Group related to the process leading to the drafting of the National Global Education Strategy, through a multi-stakeholder process consisting of public education research, building a national GE network, setting up an expert team, developing GE workshops, drafting the National Global Education Strategy, advocacy activities, National Global Education Conference, cooperation and networking


Hungarian Association of NGOs for Development and Humanitarian Aid – HAND
Global Education Working Group
Apáczai Csere János u. 1. IV./40
1052 Budapest
Office: +36-1/328-0873
Fax: +36-1/328-0874


Mirror to the world

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Mirror to the world offers interactive workshops in schools to promote sustainable lifestyle and to spread a global approach towards our world. Assembles a ready-to-use workshop kit for each topic to be used by its workshop-leaders in schools and also in trainings. Compiles a coursebook for global education classes, containing resources and detailed lesson plans, to be used by teachers in elementary and secondary schools. Organises multiplicator trainings for teachers and college/university students to use these techniques and materials themselves.


Zöld Fiatalok Egyesület – Hungarian Young Greens
Orsolya Balogh (Ms)
+36 1 266 6978
Type of organisation: NGO


Transition Year Development Education

The course has provided teachers and students with a framework for learning about key development issues. Key principles include using resources already available, promoting inter-school activity and balancing the global issues with awareness and action on a local level. Resources are provided by a number of Irish NGOs and by Irish Aid. Coordination is by Self Help Africa and one lead school, St. Mary’s Academy, Carlow. A guidelines framework was devised and is in print. Partners include 12 second level schools, 5 NGO’s and the National University of Ireland Maynooth.


Patsy Toland
Tel.: +353 872 849 244
Type of Organization Development agency with programmes across East Africa.


Tales of Disasters
by No Strings International and Trócaire

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The programme has been created for children in South East Asia, with a series of puppet films presenting life-saving educational messages relating to natural disasters and peace-building. However, it has a dual purpose which creates the more global element of the programme, in that the films form the core content of a series of educational materials for Irish schools, where they provide a vivid and multi-discipline learning experience.


Trish Groves, Education Information Officer Trócaire
Maynooth, Co Kildare, Ireland
Tel.: +353 1 654 9116
Type of Organisation: Trócaire is Ireland’s largest international development agency, funding 127 programmes in 39 countries around the world.


Youth moving in the governorate of Hebron

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Trough training courses and media awareness, the project aims at giving young people the opportunity to play an effective role in building society; building a youth voluntary network on the level of the governorate; developing the capabilities and skills of youth; activating the role of youth access to the decision-making of Youth institutions; reviving phenomenon of voluntary work with the Palestinian youth; creating a generation of young people influential in the Palestinian policies; creating youth cadres able to manage and direct the work of private organizations and political parties.


Fida abu turkey
Mobile: +970599962462/+970599694321
Telefax : +9722-2299678
Hebron / Palestine
Ahmad Amr Building /3rd floor


Introducing into participation democracy

Through training courses and the elaboration of pedagogical tools, the project targets about 5000 scholars from 5 different high schools in Onesti and Tg-Ocna (county of Bacau) who didn’t have information about civic culture. It also intends to promote the democratic relationships in the scholar community as a basis of a participation democracy.


Pro Democracy Association Branch of Onesti
Constantin Stacescu–president
Liviu Neagoe–assistant coordinator
Type of Organisation: Civic Non-Governmental Organization


European Literature Circle - on the Silk High Way : Rediscovering the Old Silk Road through Education, Culture and Science

Euro – Asia Promotion and Cultural Foundation (EAPCF) and European Literature Circle (ELC) are promoting a new Project called the “Euro – Asia Silk Highway” – a reference to the Great Silk Road which used to link Europe to the Far East, promoting the exchange of both good and of knowledge and ideas between the Europe and Asia and not only. This virtual Silk Highway will connect Europe and Asia through a virtual Bridge Highway, dedicated to Understanding and Peace, Scientific, Cultural and Creative Education cooperation.


Shanghai Cultural Development Foundation (SHCDF)
Prof Shen Genlin, Executive Director
Type of Organisation: non profit
Valeriu Iordan Popescu
Euro-Asia Promotion and Cultural Foundation(EAPCF)
Brasov, Romania


(Sustainability through EMAS)

This project intends to support schools to raise environmentally aware citizens committed to a sustainable way of life and who able to create social, cultural and economic well-being without diminishing biodiversity and natural resources through a mutual support within the partnership: schools which have experience with environmental management systems support schools which have no experience with EMAS or ISO 14001. Spreading knowledge among partners and also in the partner schools’ community is part of this project.


Colegiul Naţional “Emil Racoviţă”
M. Kogălniceanu street, 9, 400084
Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Tel.: +40 264 591 825
fax: +40 264 431 928
Type of Organisation: primary and secondary school, general


We are or Not in UE

The project aims at exploring different kinds of learning to develop skills of social learning through the exchange of different standards of educational systems and through training workshops based on techniques of moderation and non violent communication as well as leadership competences.


Youth for Future 2006
Nicoleta Cindea, President, Petrila, street Republicii,111/38
Type of Organisation: N.G.O.


GLOBAL EDUCATION WEEK at schools in Slovakia

The project introduces and presents all kind of activities and methodologies aiming to raise awareness, educate, mobilise and engage different groups of students as well as teachers and local authorities on the struggle against poverty, injustice and exclusion around the world., providing methodological help for teachers on how to get involved in these activities, with approaches such as ‘school as a great discussion group’, ‘school as an information centre’, ‘school as great fun’, ‘school as a gallery’ and so on. Through the production of high quality teaching materials and activities designed for educational use at primary, intermediate and secondary school levels and for training teachers, it addresses issues of diversity and inequality in education at the local as well as at the global level and raises awareness of the wider world and of our own role as a world citizens.


Primary School Uzhorodska 39, Kosice, Slovak Republic
Lydia Desiatnikova,
Type of Organisation: educational institution


Eagle’s Kingdom – global biodiversity game

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A peer-led simulation game based on a board with 4 local habitats – loch, peat bog, forest and river estuary/village. The aim of the game is to show young people the complexity of the decision making process in their local surroundings and to bring in a global perspective to all issues raised for ex hydro electric dam construction; electrical energy - a right for all?; the power of multinational companies; global significance of destruction of forests


Highland One World Group
Education Centre Castle Street Dingwall IV15 9HU Scotland
Tel.: +44 01381 621 265
Type of Organisation Development Education Centre


DFID Global School Partnerships

DFID Global School Partnerships (DGSP) aims to raise young people’s awareness of global development issues and to equip them with the skills and knowledge to become active global citizens. The DGSP programme supports mutually beneficial learning partnerships between schools in the UK and Africa, Asia, the Caribbean and Latin America, which seek to embed a global dimension in the curriculum. The values within the programme reflect the global dimension concepts of: global citizenship; social justice; human rights; sustainable development; conflict resolution; diversity and equality; interdependence


British Council
The Tun - 4 Jackson’s Entry
Holyrood Road; Edinburgh
EH8 8PJ - United Kingdom
Tel. + 44 131 524 5781
Type of Organisation Non-departmental public body and charity



annex 1

The ¡Háblame! project objectives were to promote an understanding of Southern/Northern perspectives, development issues, interdependence and global citizenship amongst pupils, teachers, student teachers and the wider school community in Nottingham/shire in the UK and Coahuila State Mexico. The global dimension aspect of the project was delivered through modern foreign languages and citizenship curricula, using video making in educational techniques i.e. ‘social issues documentary’.


MUNDI Global Education Centre, Nottingham, UK
Type of Organisation: Charity


Newton 2007

2007 marked the bicentenary of the abolition of the British slave trade. John Newton, ex slaver turned abolitionist, wrote “Amazing Grace” while curate near Milton Keynes. This provided the focus for a three year project which: worked with schools on drama, art and woodwork; worked with the local Black History group; worked with local Sierra Leoneans and brought the High Commissioner to Milton Keynes; worked with local libraries; produced exhibitions; linked to other local projects including the commissioning of new music to encourage understanding of unfair trade and labour practices past and present.


GEMK (Global Education Milton Keynes)
Saxon Hall, Stantonbury Campus, Milton Keynes MK14 6BN
Tel.: 01908 324 498 / 310 951
Type of Organisation Development Education Centre