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Visegrad Regional Seminar on Global Development Education
Czech Forum for Development Co-operation (FoRS) will hold the Visegrad Regional Seminar on Global Development Education on the 24 and 25 March 2011 in Prague. With the official support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic representatives of NGOs, state authorities and institutions, educational institutions and other key actors involved in GDE in the four Visegrad countries (Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia) will meet to discuss among other things the concepts, quality standards and national strategies of GDE.
The main objectives of the seminar are:

    To identify common challenges in the Visegrad countries and exchange information on best practices with GDE experts from the V4 region, other European countries/institution as well as with experts from the global South;
    To provide the space and opportunities to develop joint action and collaboration within and beyond the Visegrad countries;
    To promote GDE as an integral part of education as well as of development cooperation in the Visegrad countries;
    To elaborate recommendations for furthering GDE in the V4 countries.

The list of speakers and workshop facilitators includes Johannes Krause (imPuls – Agents for Applied Utopia, Germany), Y.A. Padmanabha Rao (RIVER, India), Rob Bowden (Lifeworlds Learning, UK) and other well-known figures. FoRS organizes the seminar in co-operation with Hungarian Association of NGOs for Development and Humanitarian Aid (HAND), Slovak NGDO platform (MVRO) and Zagranica Group (Polish NGO association).
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The Visegrad Regional Seminar on Global Development Education is carried out with funding by a Joint Management Agreement between North-South Centre of the Council of Europe and the European Commission – EuropAid – Co-operation Office.