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Nº 71 | March 2010

Global Education News is an electronic newsletter where national global education coordinators or practitioners can share global education news and best practices, useful thematic links and educational materials. It also serves as a medium for the North-South Centre global education network national coordinators' own use.

    Dear educators,

    Dear friends,

    We are happy to inform you about the next edition of the Global Education on-line training-course that will take place in April, starting on April 12. This will be the first course out of the three annual courses offered in 2010, in Spring, Summer and Fall. Registration is accessible through NSC website. This course goes in line with the NSC programme of GE reinforcement in new EU member States which is progressing smoothly with a national seminar held in Lithuania in February and the first regional seminar for Baltic states foreseen in the first semester of 2010. Please consult the NSC calendar for more information on this programme. You will also find information related to NSC capacity-building activities in the youth field, namely within the framework of the NSC Euro-Africa Youth programme. While a seminar was recently held in Morocco to explore perspectives for  co-operation between the Kingdom of Morocco and the Council of Europe following Morocco’s accession to the NSC, Cape-Verde confirmed its accession to the NSC, an excellent momentum for the celebration of NSC 20 years of North-South dialogue. In this regard, we invite you to participate in the drawing competition launched by the NSC. Get acquainted with NSC programme alongside with global education related useful links (§3) and resources (§4) as well as interesting offers (§5) events and conferences (§6) and campaigns (§8).

    Wishing you a captivating and enjoyable reading!

1. News from North-South Centre of the Council of Europe & the Global Education Week network


2. Other news

    . International Women’s Day: Interview with Irina Bokova, the first woman Director-General of UNESCO more …

    . Global Campaign for Education - Global Action Week 2010, 19-25 April - Education financing
    . Planning pack
    . Resource pack
    . Toolkit

    . World Youth Conference, Mexico, 26-29 August 2010 - Participate and Say it aloud !
    Five years before the deadline set by the international community to achieve development goals, Mexico calls for a World Youth Conference as a space for discussion and reflection on the role of youth in achieving the Millennium Development goals and the new development agenda set in 2015. … more

    . A shell exploding just feet away as pupils and teacher cowered in a shattered school in Kosovo brought home to journalist Brendan O’Malley in the harshest of ways the problem of education under attack. Now with the launch of his second publication, Education under Attack 2010 on February 10, he talks to UNESCO EduInfo about how conflict and violence continue to pose a direct threat to the goal of Education for All. More …


3. Useful links

    . UNESCO Education for All programme – EFA 2010 report “Reaching the Marginalised”

    . UNICEF Back on Track Website - Back on Track is an innovative programme designed to support international development work on education in emergencies and post-crisis transition countries. This site is a platform for ideas, information, materials and discussions on current trends and issues in the delivery of education services both during and after conflict and natural disasters.


4. Useful resources

Global Education Guidelines
The North-South Centre is happy to announce that the Global Education Guidelines, a handbook for Educators to understand and implement Global Education, is accessible on-line. more...


5. Message in a bottle


    . 23 to 25 April 2010: Global Youth Service Day (GYSD)
    The Global Youth Service Day is a time in the year for youth to come together and focus the world's attention on the contributions being made by young people. During GYSD, millions of youth around the world organise community service projects to address the needs of their local communities, taking part in a global youth service movement. Young People We Care (YPWC) will be serving as the Regional Lead Agency for the Global Youth Service Day events and celebrations in Central and West Africa. Interested organizations and individuals who would like to work with YPWC to observe GYSD are welcomed to send an expression of interest email to: .


    . International Institute on Peace Education 2010 - July 12-18, 2010, Cartagena, Colombia
    Learning to read the world from multiple perspectives: peace education toward diversity & inclusion?
    Application deadline: April 1, 2010. 

    Training courses / Scholarships

    . North-South Centre Second Training Course for Youth Leaders of the African Diaspora Living in Europe … more

    . The European Wergeland Centre offers training for teacher trainers, teachers and other education professionals to enhance participants' capacity to learn and to teach intercultural understanding, human rights, democratic citizenship. Here you will find information on our ongoing activities. Teacher Training programme & calendar

    Request of partnership

    . Enchanted with Theatre :discrimination, fairy tales & reality” an international youth exchange activity under the frame of the European Commission Youth in Action Programme and coordinated by Xenos-Gruppo di studio critico su razzismi e antirazzismi

    Sharing good practices

    . Educación Sin Fronteras (ESF) is a non-profit non-governmental organization (NGO) focused on social development through education. Since its foundation in 1988, ESF has been based both internationally and independently of any government or religion, in solidarity with the disenfranchised and marginalized populations of the world. ESF purpose as an NGO focused on development is to be a vehicle for an active and organized civil society dedicated to establishing education in countries of the Third World. ESF was created as a source of reflection and analysis on the educational problems prevalent in underdeveloped countries. more …

    Job opportunities

    JOB VACANCY – TRIALOG - TRIALOG is an EU co-funded project focusing on development NGOs (NGDOs) in the EU’s New Member States (NMS) and Accession Countries (AC)/Candidate Countries (CC). Its objectives include raising awareness of development issues in the above-mentioned countries and supporting local NGDOs to build strong platforms and engage in development policy issues both at national and EU level. TRIALOG is currently looking for an INFORMATION OFFICER based in Vienna. The position is for 20 hours per week from mid May to August 2010 and 30 hours per week from September 2010 onwards. The working contract will be for one year with an option for extension (maternity leave replacement). … more


6. Events

    . The Anna Lindh Forum is a major civil society gathering for the promotion of intercultural action across the Mediterranean region. Taking place in Barcelona from the 4th to 7th of March 2010, the Forum brought together for the very first time over 500 civil society and NGO representatives from the 43 Union for the Mediterranean countries to debate and create action in favour of dialogue, mutual understanding and peace. Read more

    . UN Habitat - World Urban Forum 5, Rio de Janeiro, 22-26 March: The Right to the City-Bridging the Urban Divide


7. Special Sustainable Development

    . 2010 World Social Forum - in 2010, the WSF will happen in a permanent way, all year-round, with events and activities being held throughout the world. The WSF process will focus on the global crisis, understood in all its dimensions: economic, environmental, political, social, cultural, food, civilizatory. …more
    World Social Forum website

    . World Economic Forum 2010 website


8. Campaigns