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The exchange "Enchanted with theatre: discrimination, fairy tales and reality" took place between the 5th and the 13th of October 2009 in Turin, Italy - and the countries involved were four: Italy, Portugal, Romenia and Spain, with a total of 32 participants.

The project was promoted by the following organizations:

The main issue of the exchange were imagination and creativity as means of consideration on discrimination and racism.
Starting from the narration of popular fairy tales from each country - mainly related to the theme of witches and their exclusion – through workshops of creative writing, dance, drama, music and photography, the participants came to build a common history (named ”Omelette Odyssey”) and represented it by a theatrical performance. The fantasy world was the focal point and the mean to talk about current issues such as xenophobia and discrimination against the "different".

The official video of the youth exchange is available at the following address:

As a follow up of “Enchanted with theatre: discrimination, fairy tales and reality” was realized by the illustrators Elisa Carlotta QUADRI and Miguel PRIETO FERNANDEZ an illustrated book representing the theatrical performance of Omelette Odyssey. To see the book please click HERE

The organizations involved in the project are now seeking funds to print the book as for the moment is just available in pdf format.
The objective is not to sell the book (as it is a project realized with “Youth in Action Programme” funds) but simply to disclose it among the participants to the exchange, their organizations and all the organizations, associations or institutions that may be interested in using the book “Omelette Odyssey” as a pedagogical instrument.

If you are interested in financing the printing of the book please contact Elisa Carlotta QUADRI: