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How to cope with diversity at school: Teaching and Learning about Religious Diversity
Anna Lindh Foundation
Date of Publication: Jan 2008
Contributors: John Keast, Pascale Mompoint-Gaillard, Eric Hellicar and Wafaa Sawafteh
Languages: English, French and Arabic

This resource was developed for teachers of students aged 14-18 in the Euro-Mediterranean region, and its purpose is to enable students to learn more about people from cultures and traditions other than their own, in the belief that such knowledge and understanding will reduce ignorance, suspicion or fear of those who are different from themselves.

The resource consists of twelve (12) teaching/learning units, such as Art, Food, Family and Worship. They deal with aspects of religious diversity that impact on life today, yet they are not primarily designed as religious-education units. They have been written by practitioners and experts who are experienced in the field of Intercultural and inter-religious education. It employs a range of teaching methodologies and approaches, from the phenomenological, to the collaborative, the contextual, the interpretive and the emphatic.