In 1999 the North-South Centre (NSC) of the Council of Europe (CoE) has launched the first Global Education Week, promoting school activities in the member States with a specific focus on how to overcome poverty and social exclusion.
Since, the concept of Global Education (GE) has developed, tools such as the Global Education Guidelines or the GE e-learning courses offer pedagogical support to educators from formal and non-formal sector and GE has been acknowledged through the adoption of a recommendation by the CoE committee of ministers in 2011. More recently, the Lisbon GE Congress assessed the work achieved since the first GE Congress held in Maastricht in 2002 (which established the European strategy framework for the enhancement of global education to 2015) and prioritised issues at stake to be engage in until 2015.
In today’s world the main challenge for Education is to give pedagogical answers to growing global interconnectedness and offer learning processes relevant to contemporary societal changes and its increasing complexity. Global Education has grown in that direction.
The North-South Centre invites practitioners from the 47 member States of the Council of Europe to embark on this reflexion and participate annually in the Global Education Week.

The aims of the Global Education Week

The Global Education Week encourages pupils and teachers as well as youth groups to explore educational activities for global citizenship. It is a matter of addressing issues of diversity and inequality at the local as well as at the global level with an understanding of the core issues of global citizenship:
awareness of the wider world and of our own role as a world citizens;
attitudes of respect for diversity and intercultural communication skills;
ability to take action to make the world a more equitable and sustainable place;
responsibility for our own actions.

In the following Global Education Week webpage you will find more about GE concept and methodology; suggestions for school and classroom activities; resources, links and glossary; other initiatives in the world; the link to the Global Education newsletter and the contacts of the Global Education Week network coordinators and activities developed in respective countries …


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