26 January 1988, launch of the campaign "North-South: one future, one common task"

22 years ago, the Campaign on the North-South interdependence and solidarity was officially launched in Strasbourg by His Majesty the King Juan Carlos of Spain. The organisation of a European public awareness-raising campaign on the North-South relations and the consequences on the future of Europe, arose during the Conference "North-South : the role of Europe" held in Lisbon in April 1984, at the invitation of the Portuguese authorities and under the auspices of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe.

During this ceremony, the British musician Sting and the Jamaican singer Ziggy Marley made a video specially for the campaign including a song entitled One World is enough for all of us. Link to Sting video

From February to June 1988 and beyond, many activities have taken place in the framework of the campaign. At the European level, a series of round tables, colloquies and other events were organised. National campaigns were launched in most of the then 22 member States of the Council of Europe, totally close to 1500 national activities. One of the high political points of the campaign was the "European Conference of Parliamentarians and non governmental organisations on global interdependence and solidarity", held in Madrid on 1-3 June 1988. The Call of Madrid proposed that the member States of the Council of Europe "set up organisational structures, taking into account the Portuguese Prime Minister's constructive proposal to welcome in his country a Centre for global interdependence and solidarity, whose mission would be to pursue the co-operation process between NGOs, Parlementarians, govenments and international institutions and to follow-up the ideas and structures that emerged during the North-South Campaign".

On 16 November 1989, the Committee of Ministers adopted Resolution (89) 14 creating the North-South Centre.