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20 Bridge Builders in the History of Humanity


In the context of its 20th Anniversary, the North-South Centre is organising an exhibition based on 20 personalities in the history of humanity who made a remarkable contribution to building bridges between cultures and civilisations and played a pionnier role in what is today called “intercultural dialogue”.

Following the call for candidatures launched in September 2009, the NSC received 101 proposals sent by its member States, the global network of historians, the participants in the University on Youth and Development and the general public.

The Bureau of the Executive council of the NSC examined the proposals at its meeting on January 29th 2010, and adopted the final list of 20 Bridge Builders in the History of Humanity with names such as Leonardo da Vinci, Eleanor Roosevelt, Gandhi and Ibn Rushd (also known as Averroes). The Bureau decided also to launch an appeal to the general public when visiting the exhibition to identify a 21st bridge builder based on a list of 10 personalities suggested by the NSC or on a personal choice.

An exhibition will be organised in Lisbon in conjunction with the official ceremony of the 20th anniversary. There is a plan to present the initiative in Strasbourg at a session of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe and possibly in other cities as well.

. List of 20 Bridge Builders in the History of Humanity

. Presentation of the project and list of proposed candidates