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Data bases / Bases de données

Multinational information systems
National cultural portals
Cultural policy
Culture and development
Social issues
Cultural heritage
Intercultural relations and co-operation
Cultural diversity
Cultural legislation
Cultural industries
Cultural sector – working conditions and employment
Education and professional development
Exhibitions and cultural events
Specific sectors
European public space
International relations

Multinational information systems 

African Cultural Policy Resources
African regional and local cultural policies, relevant documentation and links provided by the Observatory of Cultural Policies in Africa (OCPA).

Compendium of Cultural Policies and Trends in Europe
Online information and monitoring system on European cultural policies provided by the Council of Europe and ERICarts.

European Heritage Network (HEREIN) - Réseau européen du patrimoine (HEREIN)
The Network is a permanent information system gathering information provided by government authorities in charge of heritage protection.

GUAM Observatory
The Information Observatory on Cultural Policy of the GUAM Countries includes cultural policy information of Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine both in English and in Russian. The website is provided by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Azerbaijan, with the support of UNESCO Moscow Office.

IFACCA country profiles
Information on national arts support agencies and related news provided by the International Federation of Arts Councils and Cultural Agencies (IFACCA).

Portal iberoamericano de cooperación y gestión cultural
Ibero-American portal on cultural co-operation and management, featuring national cultural policies profiles of the regions.

UNESCO Portal of Culture of Latin America and the Caribbean
El portal UNESCO de la cultura de América Latina y el Caribe
Informs on the respective cultural policies, with the aim to promote intercultural dialogue and pluralism, and to contribute to regional integration, based on the use of new information and communication technologies initiated by the Virtual Forum of Ministers of Culture and Officials in Charge of Cultural Policies of Latin America and the Caribbean.

UNESCO statistical country profiles
Collection of country profiles worldwide with key statistics and indicators on education, science and technology, and culture and communication gathered by UNESCO's Institute of Statistics.

Visiting Arts Cultural Profile Project
This website presents comprehensive overviews of the arts and cultural systems of the following countries: Afghanistan, Cambodia, Egypt, Laos, Lebanon, Norway, Scotland, Slovenia, Viet Nam.


National cultural portals 

In alphabetic order of the English country name

Culture and Recreation Portal
Directory of Australian cultural organisations and resources

CultuurNet Vlaanderen
Flemish cultural gateway

La culture en Communauté française de Belgique
This portal, set up by the Ministry of the French Community of Belgium, offers information on cultural events and projects and can be used also as an interface between the administration and the culture operators.

Sistema nacional de información cultural (SINIC)
Colombian national cultural information system
Web portal to Croatian culture

Infopoint Estonian culture
Gateway to Finnish culture on the Internet

Portail de la culture
The French Ministry of Culture and Communication offers this gateway which provides access to French websites, cultural manifestations, museums and so on.

Perlentaucher - Kultur und Literatur online
German-language books and reviews

Menningarvefur á Islandi
CultureNet Iceland

Cultura in cifre - ISTAT
Statistical data on the services of the main Italian public and private cultural organisations.

Latvian cultural vortal

Culture - the Republic of Macedonia
Cultural life in the Republic of Macedonia

Culture Net Norway
Official gateway to Norwegian culture on the web
Polish cultural web portal which provides access to English, French, Polish, German and Spanish.

Culture of Russia [Russian]
Official portal of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation

Swissworld Culture
Cultural web portal for Switzerland

Swiss Platform for Contemporary Arts - Plateforme suisse pour les arts contemporains
Contemporary creation in the fields of the visual arts, the performing arts, design, graphic design and architecture.

Online directory for Ukraine (mainly Kiev) covering visual art, music, literature, cinema, theatre and choreography.

Guide to style, culture and technology in Belgium

Art and Craft of Uzbekistan
Created by the Uzbekistan Development Gateway, this website informs on the art and craft of Uzbekistan, offering marketing possibilities for practicing artists.

Cultural policy 

A to Z of Audiovisual and Media policy
The European Commission provides definitions of EU audiovisual policy and related policy areas.

Compendium of Cultural Policies and Trends in Europe
Online information and monitoring system on European cultural policies provided by the Council of Europe and ERICarts.

Online database on experts in cultural policy with worldwide coverage. Search criteria include research interests, countries, languages, and a basic keyword search is available as well.

Cultural Commons
Launched by the Center for Arts and Culture in the USA, this website is designed to share information and ideas about policies, art and culture among researchers, practitioners, administrators, students, scholars, artists, policy-makers and the general public.

Cultural Policy and the Arts National Data Archive (CPANDA)
An interactive digital archive of data on the arts and cultural policy in the United States, available for research and statistical analysis, with data on artists, arts and cultural organisations, audiences, and funding for arts and culture.

Online portal provided by EUCLID with international and local information on all areas of culture (including arts, entertainment, heritage, sport). A sub-portal offers links to culture-focused conferences, seminars and related events around the world. Includes also geographical sub-portals with national profiles which provide links to the main institutions in the country concerned, as well as to sectoral information

European Knowledge Centre for Youth Policy
The online European Knowledge Centre was developed within the framework of the Youth Research Partnership between the Council of Europe and European Commission. It is a tool for facilitating the Council of Europe’s monitoring of youth policy and the European Commission follow-up to the White Paper on Youth. The Knolwedge Centre provides many resources and shares documents from research, policy and practice.

Policies for Culture
Policies for Culture is a regional framework programme of the European Cultural Foundation (Amsterdam) and the ECUMEST Association (Bucharest), aiming to encourage a participative principle in the design, implementation and evaluation of new effective cultural policies throughout South-East Europe. Offers on its website a wide range or resources concerning cultural policy and related fields in South-East Europe.

RECAP – Resources for Cultural Policies in Europe
RECAP is an international and informal network of documentation centres in the field of cultural policy. The network aims to improve the quality of access to and delivery of cultural policy information. The RECAP site contains not only cultural policy resources such as book reviews, acquisition lists, links to sources for cultural policy statistics, thematic bibliographies, but also a cultural policy thesaurus.

Culture and development 

Artfactories is an international resource platform for independent multidisciplinary art spaces.

Awareness Raising on Culture and Development in Europe (ARCADE)
The ARCADE project aims to raise awareness about culture and development in Europe. By promoting the cultural and artistic identity of developing countries in Europe, ARCADE will also highlight that the respect of cultural diversity is a prerequisite for successful and sustainable development projects. ARCADE is carried out by ACTED, the Agency for Technical Cooperation and Development, in partnership with ENTP, the European New Towns Platform and CIR, the Interdisciplinary Centre for Comparative Research in the Social Sciences. It is funded by the European Commission (EuropeAid). The website intends to be a portal for development and co-operation actors interested in integrating a cultural component into their development strategies and programmes.

Culture and Development
This website is part of the Culture and Development programme carried out by German association CulturCooperation and funded by the European Commission. It focuses on the artistic and cultural potential in the development context and gives an overview of initiatives and projects on that topic.

Culture and Development on the Development Gateway
The Development Gateway Foundation helps to improve people’s lives in developing countries by building partnerships and information systems that provide access to knowledge for development.

Culture et démocratie - Kunst en democratie
This Belgian association promotes the fight against the cultural deficit of our society and the democratic deficit of cultural life, by organising activities relating to art and society, art and solidarity, art and school, intercultural dialogue, cultural practices, and access.

Culture for Development
The portal, offered by the Dutch Royal Institute provides access to free, full-text electronic documents on culture for development. It is also an unique entry point for all other internet resources, including newsletters, discussion groups, websites, bibliographic databases, and directories of organisations and projects. The focus is on tangible and intangible heritage through museums and the performing arts in or in relation to developing countries. It includes themes such as cultural partnerships between north and south, museum development in developing countries, cultural emergency response, theatre exchanges, performing arts and theatre for development.

FreeDimensional (FD)
This network and platform of collaboration sets out to link artistic communities to social justice movements. FreeDimensional engages in a particular style of networking that builds on existing resources in the art, media and entertainment sectors in order to engage and financially underwrite direct actions necessary to help culture workers-in-distress and use their stories to illustrate critical, contemporary issues. Art and creativity are often commodified without acknowledgment of the social issues they represent, and thus the relation between culture and society erodes. FreeDimensional seeks to strengthen this relation by taking practical steps to ensure individual safety, raise awareness and instigate change.

FORTE - Good practices database
Developed by Interarts, this database compiles information on organisations, projects and initiatives from the European youth and education sector which have a strong cultural component.

Living Heritage Network - Macedonia
The Living Heritage programme supports local initiatives aiming at protection, use and presentation of cultural heritage as a resource for sustainable community development.

Power of Culture [Kracht van Cultuur]
This website is dedicated to culture as driving force behind development.

Pro-active management of the Impact of Cultural Tourism upon Urban Resources and Economies aims to develop a strategic urban governance framework for the sustainable management of cultural tourism within small and medium-sized European cities. This framework will help to establish, evaluate and benchmark integrated tourism policies at the local level with a view to maximising the benefits of tourism upon the conservation and enhancement of built heritage diversity and urban quality of life.

World Culture Project
The World Culture Project is based on the belief that culture and cultures have a central role to play in global development and human affairs and are the key to human welfare and environmental well-being in the future. The Project is divided into an international component and a Canadian component. The international component is designed to develop the holistic concept of culture in broad, general terms, as well as apply it to a complex set of global issues and problems. The Canadian component is designed to develop the holistic concept of Canadian culture in specific, practical terms, as well as to apply it to a similar set of Canadian issues and problems.

Social issues  

Art is not dead
Art is not dead is a group of artists united in the goal of increasing people's awareness through artistic performances regarding society issues that are otherwise less discussed.
Culture, Arts and Refugees
This website, provided by the UK-based Creative Exchange, offers material, such as cases studies, on the role of the arts and culture in the inclusion and integration of refugees and asylum seekers.

Cultural heritage 

Bibliographic Database of the Conservation Information Network
Base de données bibliographiques du Réseau d’information sur la conservation
The BCIN database provides bibliographic resources on the topic of conservation, preservation and restoration of cultural property. A worldwide network of libraries and documentation centres contributes data on their holdings.

Bread - The World’s Heritage
This website accompanies the Balkankult programme, including research, information and educational projects, and gathers information on the bread in various cultures, in everyday life, looking also at its symbolic and religious role. Further activities concern the promotion of bread museums in Europe, and an Ex Libris competition.

Cultural Corridors of South East Europe
This website offers a virtual trip in the time and space, along the cultural corridors of South East Europe. It is a practical implementation of the Varna Declaration, adopted at the Regional Forum "Cultural Corridors of South East Europe" in May 2005, organised by Bulgaria, in co-operation with the Council of Europe and UNESCO.

Cultural Heritage Laws Database
Offered by UNESCO, this database provides acces to relevant national laws, both in original language and in official English translation, with regard to looting, theft, illegal export and import, as well as illicit trafficking of cultural property

ECHO - European Cultural Heritage Online
Open Access Infrastructure for a Future Web of Culture and Science

European Heritage Network (HEREIN) - Réseau européen du patrimoine (HEREIN)
The Network is a permanent information system gathering information provided by government authorities in charge of heritage protection.

Euromed Heritage
The website of the Regional Programme for Euro-Mediterranean Heritage (part of the Euro-Mediterranean partnership policy of the European Union) provides resources related to co-operation in the heritage field such as manuals, training material, newsletters and other publications.

Heritage, Education and the Arts
The conference "Heritage, Education and the Arts: Present as Future", organised by the Caixa Catalunya Foundation, was held in Barcelona on 15-17 March. The website of the event now features a virtual database of projects and programmes related to these themes. The project archive aims to become a legacy of the event and will be updated regularly, in order to show the diverse forms whereby heritage is conceived and disseminated and to become a reference tool for professionals. The archive is available at

ICOMOS Database
Bibliographical database providing access to the holdings of the Documentation Centre of ICOMOS, the International Council on Museums and Sites.

Inventory of Heritage Organisations in Europe
Initiated in Flanders and set up with the support of the Flemish Government, this inventory is an online database of non-governmental organisations in the heritage sector. NGOs can register online.
Resulting of the Eumedis programme of the European Commission, this portal is dedicated to cultural tourism in the Mediterranean, providing travel information and links to the national websites of the participating countries: Algeria, Cyprus, Jordan, Lebanon, Malta, Morocco, Palestinian Authority, Syria, Tunisia.

URBO - Management of the world heritage cities
This web portal, offered by the Organization of World Heritage Cities (OWHC), promotes the exchange and collaboration among world heritage cities. Available in English, French and Spanish, it provides news, links and case studies, as well as information on partners, training, funding and new publications. A forum for direct exchange is also available.

Intercultural relations and co-operation 

Alliance of Civilizations
The Secretary-General of the United Nations has launched this initiative, co-sponsored by the Prime Ministers of Spain and Turkey, to mobilise collective action across diverse societies and cultures in order to reduce extremism. To guide this initiative, a High-level Group of eminent persons was set up. The website offers reports and news relating to the work of the Alliance.

Website dedicated to the Mediterranean cultures

Cultural relations think-tank of the British Council

CUPID is an on-line database of cultural projects that have received funding from European Union funding programmes. Provided by Euclid, this database contains the basic information about any cultural co-operation project granted by Culture 2000 since 2000.

This project, funded by the EU through the INTERREG programme, brings together regional authorities and research bodies from France, Spain, Italy and Morocco. It sets out to support the cultural professionals of these areas in their development and co-operation activities.

Europe Now | Europe Next
This website is an interactive space committed to the Europe of today and the Europe of tomorrow. Europe Now | Europe Next examines the process and effects of EU enlargement in the cultural field. At its heart is a series of live and online Encounters. Here artists, journalists and cultural operators open up debates, which are transcending national boundaries.

Virtual platform for cultural interaction, communication and co-operation between Turkey and Europe.

Groupe d’études et de recherches sur les mondialisations (GERM)
Group for Study and Research on Globalisations
Web portal on globalisations offering news, research, resources and training tools in many languages, offered by French NGO.

Intercultural Dialogue - UNESCO
This web site presents UNESCO’s action in the field of intercultural dialogue which covers the sections Roads of Dialogue, Histories, Interreligious Dialogue and Cultural Pluralism.

Interculture Map
This database is the result of a project, supported by the European Commission under the INTI programme (Integration of third country nationals), which analysed the landscape of intercultural initiatives in the EU. It lists those activities at local level which increase the understanding and communication between different cultures and improve exchanges between communities, even if they are not labelled intercultural and are not traditionally involved in dealing with immigration and integration issues. This research explored five fields in which this type of intercultural practices exist: media, arts, education, research and everyday life.

LabforCulture is an online information and knowledge platform dedicated to European cultural co-operation, complemented by a range of offline services and programmed activities. The website provides a wealth of information on cultural co-operation across the broader Europe, as well as offering a platform for transnational cultural exchange, cultural debate, news and research.

National culture profiles
The British Telegraph offers this "guide" of national cultures on its website. Each profile describes the thinking patterns of a nationality, sometimes bordering on stereotypes.

Next Page Foundation
The Foundation aims at supporting translations and the growth of independent private publishing in transitional and developing countries. The main beneficiary areas are Eastern and Central Europe, Russia, the Caucasus, Central Asia, and Mongolia as well as the Arab countries.

PACT - a South-East Europe Cultural Cooperation Observatory
The purpose of PACT is to ensure information exchange, communication and networking between the cultural operators of the region. The website has been set up as platform for information resources.

STRATCULT stands for “Common strategy on cross-border and interregional development in the field of Culture in central Europe”. The project (July 2004 - June 2007) aims at contributing to the encouragement of cultural co-operation of border regions as well as in an interregional perspective within the framework of EU-Structural Funds. The website contains many resources related to the potential of culture for regional development.

TANDIS (Tolerance and Non-Discrimination Information System)
The OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR), based in Warsaw, serves as a collection point for information related to tolerance and non-discrimination issues throughout the OSCE region: Their dedicated information system, TANDIS, provides wide access to all kind of information in this field. The data collection corner includes a section on practices and initiatives some of which are interesting for intercultural dialogue as well.

1001 Actions for Dialogue
Initiated by the Anna Lindh Euro-Mediterranean Foundation for Dialogue between Cultures and its network of civil society organisations, this international campaign mobilies pepole and actions for dialogue, aiming at a better understanding and coexistence within the Euro-Mediterranean region. Running throughout 2008 - the EU Year of Intercultural Dialogue - the campaign will see a great variety of different actions and events in all 37 countries with a culmination night in the end of May 2008. The website includes an online platform where people can give their opinion about the actions.

Cultural diversity 

This website accompanies the two projects SUS.DIV and EURODIV which aim at a better understanding of cultural diversity, the first looking at cultural diversity in relation to sustainable development, and the second focusing on the training of researchers dealing with cultural diversity. The projects include a series of conferences, as well as a Network of Excellence on Sustainable Development in a Diverse World which is co-ordinated by Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei (FEEM) under the scientific lead of Katholieke Universiteit Leuven. 

Réseau de chercheurs "Diversité des expressions culturelles et artistiques, et mondialisations"
This research network deals with the diversity and transformation of cultural and artistic expressions, globalizations, and the multiplicity of social dynamics and contemporary critiques of the notion of culture. It brings together 21 researcher networks of the Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie (AUF).
This website has been created by the European Cultural Foundation (ECF) as a kind of intercultural meeting place which should give its members an easy and fun environment for communicating and collaborating with each other. It takes its name from a botanical term, rhizome, meaning ‘a usually underground, horizontal stem of a plant that often sends out roots and shoots from its nodes’ (Wikipedia): the term is used metaphorically in the social sciences and new media to describe social structures that are non-hierarchical, non-centralised, self-regulating, and formed peer-to-peer. is part of the Foundation's focus on diversity.
This Cultural diversity portal for southern countries is entirely devoted to artists and cultural operators from the south. It aims to showcase southern contemporary artistic expression and to offer links to other sites.

 Cultural legislation 

Collection of Laws for Electronic Access (CLEA)
Collection de lois accessible en ligne (CLEA)
This database, made available by the World International Property Organization (WIPO), provides access to intellectual property legislation from a wide range of countries and regions as well as to treaties on intellectual property.

Cultural rights
Web portal, provided by Interarts, with information and documentation on cultural rights, human development, cultural indicators, culture and human rights and diversity.

Cultural Heritage Laws Database
Offered by UNESCO, this database provides acces to relevant national laws, both in original language and in official English translation, with regard to looting, theft, illegal export and import, as well as illicit trafficking of cultural property

Droit de la culture
Legal resources provided by the French Ministry for Culture and Communication

World Observatory on the Social Status of the Artist
Database provided by UNESCO

Cultural industries 

Culture Creative News
This information platform on cultural and creative industries in Europe is provided by the German Office for Cultural Policies and Industries, a consultancy firm.

Cultural sector – working conditions and employment 

ILO sector information - Media, Culture, Graphical sector
The International Labour Organization (ILO) collects on their Sectoral Activities Portal information resources related to the working conditions, social dialogue, and other social and labour issues in the sectors of media, culture and graphics.

World Observatory on the Social Status of the Artist
Database provided by UNESCO

Education and professional development 

This web-based resource is designed to provide help for musicians and music industry professionals in their professional development.

Arts Management Network
Worldwide information service and network for arts managers

Artists in Development
The Artists in Development Programme (AiD) is an initiative coordinated by UNESCO's Arts and Cultural Enterprise Division. The Artists in Development website is designed to be a resource tool for artists and cultural operators, stimulating creativity and providing support for cultural enterprise development.

Web consultancy tool for artists, theorists and managers

Bodies of Knowledge
Online directory of some 120 organisations and artists who specialise in providing professionals working in the performing arts with continuing training opportunities.

Catalogue de la bibliothèque de l’Institut national d’histoire de l’art

Centre d'information et de ressources pour les musiques actuelles (IRMA)
This contemporary music association aims to provide online information, counseling and training to the professional music marketers and artists.

Cultural Policy Education Group (CPEG)
An initiative of the European Cultural Foundation, the Cultural Policy Education Group (CPEG) intends to provide an expert platform which tackles all aspects of cultural policy as a young and emerging academic discipline, especially in Eastern Europe and some of its neighbouring regions. Its activities are geared to the development and discussion of cultural policy in higher education and shall promote and enhance academic training opportunities on this subject.

Cultural - - Promotion
Address database funded by the Federal Office of Culture and the Migros Kulturprozent.

This website presents information on music activities in the framework of SOCRATES, the programme for education of the European Union.

European Glossary on Arts and Cultural Education
Thanks to Cultuurnetwork Nederlands a first pilot phase of the European Glossary Initiative could be carried out by establishing a database which contains terms used by European countries in the field of arts and cultural education and their descriptions. Terms are shown in the language of origin; their description can be consulted in English, French and German. The database currently contains a limited number of terms restricted to three categories.
Online community which delivers audience and market development tools and ideas to professional arts marketers and artists.

HIAP- Helsinki International Artists-in-residence Programme
Cultural exchange between Finnish and international artists and cultural actors

Junge Hunde Network
European network for the career development of young artists

Transnational mobility and European exchanges / Mobilité transnationale et échanges européens

NYFA Source
Online directory of US programmes for artists, offered by the New York Foundation for the Arts. Covers Search for grants, residencies, apprenticeships, space, equipment, health and safety, insurance, business, legal resources.

On the move
The website provides information on professional mobility in the areas of theatre, dance, music and other performing arts disciplines. It is intended for artists and performing arts professionals from the European Union and its surrounding countries.

Trans Artists
Online information centre on international artist-in-residence programmes

Exhibitions and cultural events 

Decentralised data pool for cultural events and addresses both of institutions and individuals in Germany.
Public access portal providing information on major exhibitions in European museums. Offered by the Network of European Art and Cultural History Museums, this website includes both an exhibitions and a museums database. Up-to-date information on the activities of participating museums is given as well, and the website also presents online resources from and for museums.

EuroNews Agenda
Calendar of major art exhibitions and other cultural events across Europe. Access by country or region.

The European Museum Guide
This online art and cultural guide provides information on museums in Europe, their collections and exhibitions.

Exibart Art Community
Online community on the major art events in the main Italian cities. The website is also designed to share ideas and information on art and culture among researchers, students, artists, and the general public.
This cultural search engine informs and alerts about cultural events in the region around Strasbourg, covering in France Alsace and Lorraine and in Germany Badem-Württemberg. The website also publishes partner searches in the cultural world.

Covers cultural events in German-speaking countries, in particular Austria, Switzerland and Southern Germany.

Specific sectors 


    • Arts

Database on major modern and contemporary visual artists

Website for buying, selling and researching fine art online. Publishes also online works catalogues of artists.

Arts Explorer
Search engine for the arts

Online directory on fine arts is provided by the company Artprice.

ArtLex Art Dictionary
Online dictionary with definitions for more than 3 600 terms used in arts and visual culture, along with thousands of supporting images, pronunciation notes, great quotations and cross-references.

Gateway to the Australian performing arts

Conservation and Art Material Encyclopedia Online (CAMEO)
Internet reference on materials used in the production and conservation of historic and artistic works, prepared by the Boston Museum of Fine Arts.

Contemporary Fashion Archive (CFA)
Internet platform with a digital archive
Online information sources, provided by Visiting Arts, on contemporary international artists - practitioners and experts - from Asia, Africa, Latin America, Middle East, Central and Eastern Europe. Artists' profiles are complemented by images, video and audio files.

Künstler- und Architektendatenbank
Database of artists, offering information on their lives and works, and of films. Gateway provided by the "Institut für Auslandbeziehungen", a mediator of German foreign cultural policy on behalf of the Federal Foreign Office, with the aim of stimulating cross-cultural dialogue in order to increase understanding.

A place for artistic creations and resources

Ukraine Art
Ukrainian painting, sculpture, photography and contemporary arts database, collected during 1997-2001.


    • Music

European Music Navigator
Portal for information on artists, bands, ensembles, orchestras, events, organisations and so on in Europe.

MCA Music Database
This database by the Music Council of Australia provides a statistical overview of the Australian music sector

Online service on Australian music, musicians, organisations and services developed by the National Library of Australia and the National Film and Sound Archive.

    • Museums
Public access portal providing information on major exhibitions in European museums

Museums of Russia web portal
Information about museums in Russia

Open Directory Project - Museums
The Web directory of the Open Directory Project offers links to museums, museum directories and other resources related to museums.

    • Performing Arts

Global Performing Arts Database (GloPAD)
This database contains digital images, texts, video clips, sound recordings, and complex media objects (such as 3-D images) related to the performing arts around the world. It is a service of the Global Performing Arts Consortium (GloPAC), an international association of institutions and individuals committed to using innovative digital technologies to create easily accessible, multimedia, and multilingual information resources for the study and preservation of the performing arts.

European public space 

Café Babel
The online European magazine is made by a network of local teams across Europe. Bringing together young people from across the continent, this network aims to contribute to the construction of pan-European public opinion.

Eurotopics is an online platform for European issues, focussing on current political, social and cultural debates across Europe. The website features a daily European press review from the 25 countries of the EU and Switzerland.

Eurozine is a network of European cultural journals, linking up more than 50 partner journals from nearly all European countries. It provides an online magazine which publishes outstanding articles from its partner journals, with additional translations into one of the major European languages.

International relations 

Global Policy Forum
The Global Policy Forum (GPF) monitors policy making at the United Nations, promotes accountability of global decisions, educates and mobilizes for global citizen participation, and advocates on vital issues of international peace and justice. The GPF is a non-profit organisation, with consultative status at the UN. Founded in 1993 by an international group of concerned citizens, GPF works to strengthen international law and create a more equitable and sustainable global society.

UN Pulse
A service of the United Nations Dag Hammarskjöld Library in New York, this blog alerts, in a selective way, to just-released UN online information, major reports, publications and documents.