Democratic governance

Documentary collection

We collect resources - paper and electronic resources -on cultural policies, covering cultural co-operation, policy and action, as well heritage. Special emphasis is given to the European dimension.

The main collection is organised according to a tailor-made classification scheme, based on the priorities of the work of the Council of Europe

New titles are indexed in the Council of Europe Library Catalogue, a union catalogue for all collections of libraries, archives and documentation centres at the Council of Europe. Thanks to its web-based interface ("WebCat"), this catalogue is publicly accessible via Internet.

To access the Cultural Policies Collection in WebCat, a dedicated password-free interface is available which only searches this particular collection.

The journals collection comprises about 40 periodicals in paper form (see current List of journals). Some of the journals are also available in full text and can be accessed within the Council of Europe via Swetswise using IP authentication.

The collection of web links provides access to e-resources related to cultural policies. It includes hyperlinks to institutions, bulletins, databases and information depositories: see Web resources.