CultureWatchEurope: achievements & Work Plan 2011/2012


In 2011, the CultureWatchEurope electronic platform and a joint search engine for the different online tools will be further developed.A forward-looking conference (Bled, 11/12 November 2011) will discuss concrete measures for public authorities to enhance the governance of the cultural sector and implement change. To be examined: priorities, new legislative requirements, alterations to existing systems of public subsidy, parameters for state intervention and requirements for the protection of citizensí cultural rights. The aim is to identify practical directions for revitalized, democratic and fair cultural policy making at a time when society faces multiple challenges.


In 2012, results of the CWE 2011 conference will be followed up with governments and other cultural policy stakeholders to enhance the governance of the cultural sector. A major event will be held on the theme of "access and participation - cultural rights" and a number of think-pieces and hot-topic papers provided to governmental and non-governmental stakeholders.


The 2010 Conference on "Culture and the Policies of Change" (Brussels, September 2010) studied the role of culture in promoting social integration and in managing cultural diversity, also with a view to environmental concerns. Resources for culture and the impact of the financial crisis on the cultural sector were analysed in detail.


A first CWE Conference on"Culture and development 20 years after the fall of communism in Europe" in June 2009 in Cracow, generated insights and recommendations for governments and other cultural stakeholders geared to stronger integration of the central and eastern European countries.


CWE, in association with the European Audiovisual Observatory and Eurimages, has prepared a recommendation adopted by the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe on European film support policies. Other standard setting work will follow.


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