Culture, Heritage and Diversity

SPARDA: Media and Diversity training sessions


Within the SPARDA initial phase, a series of “Media and Diversity” trainings were organised for local public officials, migrant associations, civil society and media professionals.


Designed as a training module applicable to different partner cities, these two-day workshops (1 per city) aimed at providing participants with key elements to define communication and dialogue strategies by better taking into account diversity issues.


The "Media and Diversity" training specific objectives


Strengthen appropriate knowledge about diversity, by presenting EU and the Council of Europe anti-discrimination policies, Council of Europe’s policy on diversity, intercultural dialogue and its media dimension, as well as on examples of nationally developed best practices;


Include participants in the adoption of the communication strategies proposed by the municipalities by allowing them to make suggestions on the different aspects of communication campaigns: communication messages and tools and means of reaching specific audiences;


Generate media interest for the SPARDA project and the local campaigns, by presenting the local results for the Initial Perception Surveys;


Contribute to the dialogue on diversity, the creation and/or strengthening of networks to facilitate long-term interaction and exchange of information between different local actors, including media representatives, local government representatives, educators, migrants associations, and other representatives of civil society.


A template for contextual analysis was prepared by SPARDA experts prior to the "Media and Diversity" trainings in order to collect information on the local structural and cultural conditions in which communication strategies are developed. Based on this template, informal discussions about the socio-political issues surrounding diversity and the local needs in relation to communication took place in the framework of the trainings.


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