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Concept of the Route of Roma Culture and Heritage

Photo: Sandro Weltin / © Council of EuropeRoma culture is an integral part of Europeís cultural landscape and heritage but is seldom perceived or celebrated as such. Prejudice, indifference and hostility against Roma which dominate public opinion are based to a large extent on lack of knowledge about Roma culture and first-hand encounters with the Roma community are a major obstacle to the success of Roma inclusion policies.


The Cultural Route of Roma Culture and Heritage will contribute to familiarising the public with Roma culture by providing opportunities for visits, learning and encounters in the context of cultural and educational tourism. Two thematic itineraries will be proposed, one about Roma migrations, history and memory, and one about Roma living culture, people and creativity.


These itineraries will originally link places and sites where partner organisations are based and active and will eventually "densify" as new partners along the itineraries join in. The facilities will involve easily accessible thematically organised documentation and information, calendars of events and activities providing opportunities for encounters with Roma communities and artists, creative and educational events where the public can participate. The Programme will also seek to empower Roma themselves to be presenters ("ambassadors") of their own culture by using online, print and broadcast media.


The Route will provide access to authentic Roma culture and heritage which is pluralistic, mobile, not fixed in space and time. It will add visibility and a European dimension to activities of local and national activities and organisations working in the fields of Roma culture and education, and generate sustainable cross-border collaborative dynamics which will contribute to the continuous broadening of the publicís knowledge understanding of Roma culture and heritage beyond the programmeís lifetime.




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