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Kyiv Initiative: Cultural routes in the South Caucasus

In the context of its Cultural Routes programme, the Council of Europe is helping with the development of two projects in the Kyiv Initiative region: the route Alexandre Dumas in the Caucasus and the Book Route.


Alexander Dumas project


Foto search Stock Photography and Stock FootageThe Alexander Dumas project has been initiated by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Azerbaijan and is being developed with the methodical support of the Luxemburg European Institute of Cultural Routes.


The first stage of the project, carried out with the participation of three countries of the South Caucasus (Azerbaijan and Georgia), and supported by France, is dedicated to the organisation of seminars and training for cultural tourism specialists, restorers and students, the creation of a CD and a web-site of the virtual visit of Alexander Dumas in the Caucasus, the translation and publishing of the memoirs of A. Dumas in the languages of the participating states, as well as the establishment of the Supporting Fund "Dumas in the Caucasus".


The second stage of the project will involve the launch of the real route of Dumas' travels in the Caucasus, involving tourism agencies in every participating state, the organisation of tours to places visited by Dumas, conducting preliminary measures on the preservation of monuments, the production of souvenirs and the issuing of booklets and guides on the tourism route.


Restoration, reconstruction and conservation of the cultural monuments along the route in three countries: Azerbaijan, Russia, Georgia and the staging of artistic (documentary / animation) films is planned to take place in the third stage.


Book Route project


© European Institute of Cultural RoutesThe Book Route project has originated in Armenia and is in the process of establishing partnerships with other countries in the region and beyond.


The Armenian book culture and cultural heritage are major components of national identity in a changing and challenging world. Book culture is a channel of cultural interaction between different nations, mutual cultural enrichment and common understanding, international cultural collaboration and regional development.


Book heritage and culture generally is a vital means of community development.


Ultimately involving several countries of the region, the project will facilitate the transmission and interpretation of a common cultural memory and a common perception of space and history.


The project will serve as an effective tool promoting the cultural collaboration first in the sphere of culture, as well as other areas of mutual concern: politics, society, socio-economic development, demography, etc.


At the same time the initiatives taken under the project will drive towards the achievement of one of the essential targets of the project, i.e. the development of cultural tourism framework as a growing component of the social-economical development in the region.




Luxemburg European Institute of Cultural Routes

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