Culture, Heritage and Diversity

Intercultural Dialogue and Conflict Prevention: Publications

Ministerial Meetings

Opatija Declaration – Learning about intercultural dialogue
The Declaration on Intercultural Dialogue and Conflict Prevention presented to a younger audience and published together with the European Year for Democratic Citizenship through Education

Declaration on Intercultural Dialogue and Conflict Prevention
Adopted on 22 October 2003, Opatija – Croatia

Declaration on Intercultural Dialogue and Conflict Prevention
Romani version

Ministerial Colloquy on “The new role and new responsibilities of ministers of Culture in initiating intercultural dialogue, with due regard for cultural diversity”, Strasbourg (France), 17-18 February 2003
Highlights and conclusions

Ministerial Conference on “The new role and new responsibilities of ministers of Culture in initiating intercultural dialogue, with due regard for cultural diversity”, Opatija (Croatia), 20-22 October 2003
Report, synthesis of the debates and conclusions

Culture and Conflict

Rethinking Conflict: the Cultural Approach
Johan Galtung

Culture and Conflict in Northern Ireland
Tony Gallagher

Sirens and Muses: Culture in Conflict and Peace Processes in the Former Yugoslavia
Vjeran Katunaric

The Role of Culture in Conflict Prevention
Søren Christensen

Experiences about Intercultural Cooperation in the Barents Euro-Arctic Region
Kari Laine

Intercultural and Inter-religious Communication

Expert Colloquy “Dialogue serving intercultural and inter-religious communication”, Strasbourg (France), 7-9 October 2002
Conclusions and Debate Analysis

Dialogue serving intercultural and inter-religious communication
Necil Nedimoğlu

The Meaning of Cultural Conflict
Hassan Hanafi

Establishing Links between Religious Communities
Bruno Etienne

Role of Religion in the 21st Century: Prevention of Crisis among Civilizations
Masanori Naito

Cultural Diversity, Interculturality and Cultural Policy
France Lebon

Paper tigers do not jump or intercultural initiatives versus the segregation of migrant communities
Geza Tessenyi

Stereotypes in Intercultural Dialogue

1st Intercultural Forum “(Re)Thinking Stereotypes: Constructing Intercultural and Interreligious Dialogue”, Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina), 10-12 December 2003
Conclusions and Debate Analysis

(Re)thinking Stereotypes: an Introduction
Jean-Fred Bourquin

The Sources of Stereotypes: Antecedents, Costs and Approaches
Arie Nadler

Moving Beyond Tolerance to the Appreciation of Differences
Rajesh Sharma

Tolerance – A philosophical contribution taking the drama out of difference-based conflicts
Mark Hunyadi

Sources of Stereotypes
Tvrtko Kulenović

Culture in multinational communities or how to live with differences
Nikola Kovač

Education for a Culture of Peace and Tolerance
Zdenko Lešić

Core Values for Intercultural Dialogue

2nd Intercultural Forum “Core Values for Intercultural Dialogue: Towards a Europe of all Citizens”, Troina - Sicily (Italy), 14-17 November 2004
Conclusions and Debate Analysis

Multicultural Europe and the Horizons of Dialogue
Vjeran Katunaric

The Stages of Recognition
Marci Crépon

Attitudes and Competences for Intercultural Dialogue and Citizenship
Kageaki Kajiwara

Social Inclusion and Intercultural Dialogue
Alessio Surian

Promoting Intercultural Dialogue between generations

3rd Intercultural Forum “Promoting Intercultural Dialogue between Generations”, Bucharest (Romania), 17-18 March 2006
Conclusions and Debate Analysis

Shared Cities & Peace Cradles

A City for all our Citizens: Reflections on ’Shared Cities’
Robin Wilson

Peace Enclaves/Cradles: Final Report – Main Findings and Policy Proposals
Vjeran Katunaric

Joint Youth and Culture Initiative

“Building Dialogue on what Values?”
Strasbourg - France, 10-11 June 2004
Meeting report

“Intercultural Dialogue, Interreligious Dialogue: The Role of Stereotypes and Prejudices”
Strasbourg - France, 16-17 June 2003
Meeting report