Diversity and community development

An intercultural approach



Table of Contents


01. Introduction / René Clarijs


02. Diversity in Harmony in European Cities: Connecting Social Improvement and Their Measurements in the Real World / Cornelius Hogan


03. What is the Intercultural City and how can we create it? / Phil Wood


04. Intercultural diversity management – Europe cities showing the way / Irena Guidikova


05. The Dutch polder way of (intercultural) policy making: The stubborn Netherlands and its immigrants / René Clarijs


06. The Family Group Conference: Changing the face of Child Welfare / Mike Doolan


07. The need for a renewed and interculturally competent citizenry: The way ahead / Thijs Malmberg


08. Diversity: Planning, Provision and Progress in Social Services in the UK / Ravinder Barn


09. Intercultural Oslo / Toralv Moe


10. A Japanese approach to municipal diversity management: The case of Hamamatsu City / Yasuyuki Kitawaki


11. Peńalolén: a well-growing borough / Loreto Ditzel Lacoa


12. Managing Diversity: stronger communities, better cities: The Israeli story / Aliya Kedem and Chaim Posner


13. How one California community achieves better results for vulnerable populations / Deanna Zachary and Susan Brutschy


14. Melitopol secret / Olexandr Butsenko


15. Managing strong communities needs focussed actions / Gon Mevis


16. Inclusion of the Roma population: Case study of Subotica / Oszkár Szénási


17. London – An Intercultural City? / Jagter Singh


18. The Ubuntu spirit in African communities / Kevin Chaplin


19. What does the public stand to gain? : A story of Tilburg / Willie van Eijs and Willem Bongaarts


20. Izhevsk is an intercultural capital of Russia / Anatoliy Makarov


21. Creating the position of mediators of intercultural dialogue and conflict in European cities: Insights from Vienna / Maria Schiller


22. Swiss interculturality in Neuchâtel / Oriane Von Gunten


23. If you want to involve migrant youth, don’t give them a chair / Jordy Sweep


24. Interculturalism in the cultural policies of European cities / Pascale Bonniel Chalier


25. About the Authors

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