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The Consortium PACTEM Nord is the public sector management entity responsible for the implementation of an agreement between 23 municipalities in the Horta Nord region, located in the northwest of the Valencia province. PACTEM Nord was founded in 2001 and manages municipal initiatives for employment, training, local development and the promotion of small and medium-sized businesses.


The 23 municipalities have a combined population of 284.000 inhabitants and cover an area of 170 km2.


It is estimated that approximately 18% of the total population in Valencia are foreigners (in comparison with approximately 12% for Spain overall). In the Horta Nord region, foreigners represent approximately 9% of the total population. Romanians are the largest foreign community, representing 18% of the total. Other significant groups of foreigners are from Ecuador, Morocco and Columbia (around 6%). The rise in unemployment in Spain has meant even more unemployment for migrants as opposed to Spaniards. Many migrants are seasonal workers, as the area has a lot of agriculture (mainly citrus fruits).



Target audience: Population of the 23 municipalities in the Horta Nord area; business owners and entrepreneurs; children

Media: Events, outdoor, radio and TV

Dates: December 2011


The PACTEM Nord campaign was centred around a "Multi Sector Fair", held during the first weekend of December. The fair had a number of different themes, including cultural diversity as well as business, employment and entrepreneurship.


The fair, held on Europe Avenue in Paterna Municipality, was divided into different thematic areas: the childrenís area, a stage where various performances were held, a PACTEM Nord stand, an activities area and a food court. In the PACTEM Nord stand, workshops were held for new entrepreneurs and jobseekers, as this is the main area of activity of the PACTEM Nord secretariat.


The festival used an interesting blend of practical aspects of migration (economic activity) and cultural diversity, to cater for the wide audience of the 23 municipalities it represents. Having already a fair amount of experience in dealing with migration issues, PACTEM Nord was able to make the transition to promotion of diversity to the wider pubic. The local press gave a good response, with wide coverage of the activities run as part of the SPARDA campaign.


Valencia PACTEM NORD campaign files

TV spot for the cultural diversity fair

Programme of the cultural diversity fair  

Radio spot for the cultural diversity fair

Ethnic food on offer at the fair

Photo report of the cultural diversity fair




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