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SPARDA: Limassol, Cyprus


Limassol is located on Akrotiri Bay on the islandís southern coast. It is the second largest city in Cyprus. It has the biggest port in the Mediterranean transit trade and has become one of the most important tourism, trade and service-providing centres in the area. In 2009, it was estimated to have a population of 187,100.


Limassol traditionally has a mixed population of Greek and Turkish Cypriots. Many Greek Cypriots from the north of Cyprus, who became refugees following the events of 1974, settled in Limassol. During the 1990s, several Cypriot Roma (considered Turkish Cypriots according to the constitution) returned from the north of the island. In 2006, it was estimated that 6% of the total population were third country nationals. Amongst the most visible foreign communities are: the Russian community because of offshore companies operating in Limassol; Sri Lankan and Filipino nationals, mainly domestic workers; UK citizens, either retirees or working in the tourism sector.



Target audience: Population of Limassol

Media: Events, outdoor

Dates: October 2011


In the initial perception surveys, Limassol respondents were among those with the lowest level of contact with people from a different ethnic or religious backgrounds. The objective was to inform locals about diversity in Limassol and decrease stereotypes Ė Increase sensitivity.


Campaign activities were run in collaboration with Cypronetwork, a local company specialised mainly in market research. Activities included a launch event with local and national dignitaries, a living library, where people of migrant background could be "borrowed" and tell their story, a screening of a feature film on Syrian born in Israeli occupied Golan and a multicultural event in a neighbourhood with a strong Roma presence.


The presence of the mayor and municipal councillors at different events showed strong political support for the campaign. The activities followed the pattern of presenting the diversity advantage through different cultural activities and folklore.


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