Culture, Heritage and Diversity

Creating cultural capital 


Cultural enterprise in Bulgaria / Entreprise culturelle en Bulgarie 

Feasibility study on cultural policy and cultural diversity, prepared by Geoffrey Brown, July 2000 - DGIV/CULT/POL/trans(2001)6 (PDF)

Cultural enterprise in Bulgaria : revised plan, July 2001 - DGIV/CULT/POL/trans(2001)4b (PDF)

Cultural enterprise in Bulgaria : a pilot project, July 2001 - DGIV/CULT/POL/trans(2001)4d (PDF)

Cultural enterprise in Bulgaria: EUCLID response to EBCC Proposal - DGIV/CULT/POL/trans(2001)4e (PDF)

Cultural enterprise in Bulgaria : outlines, July 2001 - DGIV/CULT/POL/trans(2001)4f (PDF)

Cultural diversity and cultural enterprise, conference of the Council of Europe in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture in Bulgaria : progress report 1 – following first expert visit, October 2001 - DGIV/CULT/POL/trans(2001)4 (PDF)

Cultural diversity and cultural enterprise : pilot project in Bulgaria, September 2001 (Culture Committee, Meeting of the Bureau) – CC-CULT-BU(2001)10_EN (PDF) = Diversité culturelle et entreprise culturelle : projet pilote en Bulgarie, septembre 2001 (Comité de la Culture, Réunion du Bureau) – CC-CULT-BU(2001)10_FR (PDF)

A pilot project in Bulgaria : organisation and implementation of phase one, Council of Europe Development Bank / Council of Europe, January 2002: DGIV/CULT/POL/trans(2002)ent3 (PDF)

Cultural industries in Bulgaria : feasibility study prepared by Euclid, final report, June 2003: DGIV/CULT/POL/trans(2003)ent2 (PDF)

Cultural portals / Portails culturels 

Proposal for a project on information and access through cultural portals, Strasbourg, 31 August 2000 – CC-CULT(2000)45 (PDF)

Building creative links: creative industries and cultural tourism in the Barents region, report of the international seminar by Tom Fleming, Kirkenes, January 2004 - DGIV/CULT/CCC(2004)5 (PDF)

Russia / Russie 

Action plan for Russia, pilot project B:”Cultural entrepeneurship and cultural diversity”, October 2002 - DGIV/CULT/CCC/APR(2002)2prov (PDF)

First capacity building seminar, report by Geoffrey Brown Petrozavorsk, July 2003 - DGIV/CULT/RD(2003)1 (PDF)

Second capacity building seminar in Archangelsk, report by Geoffrey Brown, November 2003 - DGIV/CULT/CCC(2003)2 (PDF)

The CCC project in Russia: strategy, activities, evolution of the project - DGIV/CULT/CCC(2004)12 (PDF)

Seminar in Togliatti and Dimitrovgrad, programme - DGIV/CULT/CCC(2004)23b (PDF)

Developing a creative city, report of the CCC seminar held in Togliatti, by Tom Fleming, December 2004 - DGIV/CULT/CCC(2004)25 (PDF)

Second visit to Samara region, report by Frances Medley, February 2005 - DGIV/CULT/CCC(2005)3 (PDF)

A cultural development agency, summary proposal, report by Frances Medley, Togliatti, 2004-2005 - DGIV/CULT/CCC(2005)4 (PDF)

Business timeline framework, by Frances Medley, Togliatti, 2005 - DGIV/CULT/CCC(2005)6 (PDF)

CCC seminar in the Volga region: Togliatti, Samara, Ulyanovsk, draft agenda and list of participants, May 2005 - DGIV/CULT/CCC(2005)7 (PDF)

Cultural policy review: The Russian Federation, report by Keith Hackett, March 2005 -DGIV/CULT/CCC(2005)7B (PDF)

Agenda meeting, Russia, November 2005, - DGIV/CULT/CCC(2005)(prov)8 (PDF)

List of participants Russia meetings, November 2005 - DGIV/CULT/CCC(2005)8B (PDF)

Ukraine / Ukraine 

Ukraine, a prototype outline activity involving 5 towns, 2004 - DGIV/CULT/CCC(2004)12 (PDF)

Seminar in Kiev, agents of change: creative intermediares in the Ukraine, report by Tom Fleming, May 2004 - DGIV/CULT/CCC(2004)15-exp (PDF)

The role of the creative intermediary, report by Tom Fleming - DGIV/CULT/CCC(2004)16-exp (PDF)

The creative industries sector in central and eastern Europe: the importance of data and mapping studies, report by Geoffrey Brown - DGIV/CULT/CCC(2004)17-exp (PDF)

Sustaining creative communities, report by Yvette Vaughan Jones, 2004 -DGIV/CULT/CCC(2004)18-exp (PDF)

Ukraine: showcase for new European strategic policies and tools for sustainable development, report and recommendations by Simon Mundy, September 2004 -DGIV/CULT/CCC(2004)23-exp

History of the CCC project / Historique du projet CCC 

A pilot project in Bulgaria, organisation and implementation of phase one, January 2002 - DGIV/CULT/POL/trans(2002)ent3 (PDF)

Cultural policy and cultural enterprise, final report of the conference in Sofia, November 2001 - DGIV/CULT/POL/trans(2002)ent2 (PDF)

Cultural industries in Bulgaria, final report, June 2003 - DGIV/CULT/POL/trans(2003)ent2 (PDF)

Ukraine, showcase activity, report and recommendations by Simon Mundy, September 2004 - DGIV/CULT/CCC(2004)24 (PDF)

CCC project outline, 2006 – DGIV/CULT/CCC(2006)2 (PDF)

Creating Cultural Capital Association – CCCA - DGIV/CULT/CCC(2008)05 (PDF)
Articles of Association

The CCC Approach - DGIV/CULT/CCC(2007)03 (PDF)

Final Report – DGIV/CCC_Evaluation_FinalReport_en.pdf

Synthesis Report – DGIV/CCC_SynthesisReport07_en.pdf

Synthesis Report – DGIV/CCC_SynthesisReport07_fr.pdf