Culture, Heritage and Diversity

2010 meetings for Culture

 Steering Committee for Culture (CDCULT)

  9th CDCULT Plenary Session (Strasbourg, Council of Europe)

6-7 May 2010

  CDCULT Bureau Meeting 2010 (Paris)

22-23 November 2010



  CWE Task Force Meeting

May 2010

  Conference on Culture and the policies of change (Brussels, Belgium)

6-7 September 2010



  9th annual Authors' Meeting (Zurich, Switzerland)

9-10 April 2010


 Cultural Policy Review

  2nd visit of experts to Turkey

October 2010


 Intercultural Cities Joint Programme

  Expert meeting (Oslo, Norway)

4-5 February 2010

  Meeting to discuss the future ICC strategy (Strasbourg)

February 2010

  2nd study visit of the Intercultural cities network (Oslo, Norway)

12-13 March 2010

  Stadslab European Urban Design Laboratory (Melitopol, Ukraine)

11-17 April 2010

  Consultation meeting with relevant city networks (Brussels, Belgium)

April 2010

  Intercultural cities: communities oriented toward the future (Melitopol, Ukraine)

25-26 November 2010


 Cultural Routes

  Celebration of the World Roma Day

8 April 2010

  Workshop on future perspectives of the cultural routes programme and a meeting of the Advisory Council on cultural routes (Delphi, Greece)

17-18 April 2010

  Visit of a delegation of Santiago de Compostella to celebrate the Holy Year 2010 (Strasbourg)

28 April 2010

  Approval of the Cultural Route "Iter Vitis" (Alverese, Italy)

4-6 June 2010

  Roma Routes Initial Meeting (Woking, United Kingdom)

17-19 June 2010

  International Roma Summer camp in Kamenci (Slovenia)

in the first two weeks of August 2010

  Conference "official launch of the Roma Routes" (Strasbourg)

7 October 2010

  First Meeting on the Study on European Cultural Routes Impact SMEs Innovation and Competitiveness (Strasbourg)

8 November 2010

  Contribution to the Florence Euromeeting (Florence, Italy)

9-10 December 2010