Belgium participates in the following activities of the Directorate of Democratic Governance, Culture and Diversity.


Present projects

Compendium of Cultural Policies and Trends in Europe - Belgium profile

European Heritage Days in Belgium

National Heritage Policy Belgium - European Heritage Network

- Brussels

- Flemish Community

- Federation Wallonia-Brussels

Council of Europe Cultural Routes:

- The Mozart Route

- Santiago De Compostela

- Architecture without Frontiers

- The Hansa

- Saint Martin de Tours: a great European figure, a symbol of sharing

- The Jewish Heritage Routes

- The Via Regia

- The Casadean Sites

Diploma of Protected Areas


Past projects

Cultural Policy and Cultural Diversity project Belgium national report


Further information

Country file on the Council of Europe website

Council of Europe Conventions signed and ratified by Belgium

Partial Agreements with the participation of Belgium


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