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Photos: Frantisek Zvardon

Frantisek Zvardon, a Czech-born photographer, has been living in Strasbourg for over 20 years.

Following his graduation from the Brno and Prague School of Photography and Philosophy, Frantisek becomes a world traveller, a reporter and an illustrator, working for many international magazines and editors around the globe.

He was awarded several international prizes, in particular the Unesco FIAP Prize “A Better Way to Live” (Vancouver, 1976), the Agfa-Gevaert Prize (Leverkusen, 1983), the Olympus Prize (Tokyo, 1990) and the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) Prize (New York, 1996).

Frantisek Zvardon has illustrated over one hundred publications, the most noteworthy being the Bible 2000 (19 volumes, Editions du Signe); On my own (1991); Vache (1992, Editions Mise au Green); Paysages humains (1996, Editions du Signe); Panoramas d’Alsace (2003, Editions Points Cardinaux); Empreinte du Temps (2001, Opava National Museum); Surma (2006, Ethiopia); Pétra Werlé (2006, Editions Castor & Pollux); Alsace (2006, Editions Carré Blanc); Strasbourg, ordered by the City of Strasbourg and Lumières d’Alsace, ordered by the Région Alsace and the Conseil général du Bas-Rhin for the 60th anniversary celebrations of NATO (2009, Editions Carré Blanc).

He is a long-term contributor to the Editions de la Nuée Bleue and to its publication, Saisons d’Alsace.