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IRPP/SAAH: Ljubljana Process II


At the conference in Ljubljana (Slovenia) "Rehabilitating our Common Heritage" (6-7 November 2009), the Ministers of Culture of South-East Europe confirmed their willingness to develop the IRPP/SAAH methodology after completion of the Council of Europe / European Union Joint Programme in 2010.


The "Ljubljana Process II" is a new and transitional operational framework managed by the Regional Co-operation Council (RCC) through the Task Force for Culture and Society (established in September 2010), supported technically and financially by the Council of Europe and the European Commission.


The "Ljubljana Process II" started on 1 July 2011. It will continue implementing the IRPP/SAAH methodology in order to ensure the institutionalisation of the methodology in national policies and strategies. The objective is to maintain the transnational dimension of the activities and to allow permanent management structures to be set up.


The "Ljubljana Process II" will encourage the development of rehabilitation projects, while the implementation and supervision of the work on monuments and sites will remain the responsibility of the relevant institutions, in accordance with the legal and financial procedures in each country.





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